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Royal Jordanian Airlines Reservations

There are many of the passengers who do quite good research when it comes to boarding a flight and traveling to a destination. They look into things such as services of the flight, in-flight entertainment activities, and various other services. After having done that many of them have come up to the conclusion that Royal Jordanian airlines are best suited for them. In case you are one such passenger who is looking for direct assistance when it comes to making reservations in these airlines then this tutorial is certainly going to offer all the necessary assistance with regards to the same.

Royal Jordanian reservations number is a toll-free service offered by some of the most qualified agents in the market to resolve any of the booking related issues and queries or to make new bookings in this airline within a short span of time. The qualified agents offer such high-quality services all through the day and all through the year which means passengers can anytime seek assistance and quickly make reservations in this airline. Apart from this passengers can also make bookings through online mode details of which can be obtained in the next section of the tutorial.

How to make an online booking in Royal Jordanian airlines?

People looking to make an online booking in Royal Jordanian airlines can also get the same done by following a series of step by step procedure details of which can be obtained by moving down the tutorial. In case passengers are getting stuck in Royal Jordanian online booking then they can freely get in touch with us and we would be able to guide in the best possible way, and resolve the same in a short span of time.

Steps to quickly make an online booking in Royal Jordanian airlines:

  • Step 1: Visit the travel portal of your choice through which the passengers want to make a booking in the airlines.
  • Step 2: Once landed then quickly login to the portal with the account username and account password and in case of account hasn’t been created then they can create one.
  • Step 3: Once logged in then passengers can simply move on to the booking section and enter the details of the flights and then they can click on the Search button.
  • Step 4: Passengers will now get a list of available flights in which they can click on the one which suits them the best and then proceeds to the payment gateway page.
  • Step 5: Passengers can now finally make the payment and travel accordingly on the specified date and time.

How to find the best offers and deals for flight reservations with Royal Jordanian Airlines?

Royal Jordanian cheap flight tickets can be availed either by direct assistance from the qualified agents who offer the best rates at any point in time. The other way through which this can be availed is by making booking prior which should be close to at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to the date of departure. There would be many of the offers running on to the website as well. So passengers can simply apply offers and discounts from them as well to get the best rates in a particular destination.

Royal Jordanian Airlines HelpDesk

Royal Jordanian Airlines Reservation Number: +1-888-540-7192
Royal Jordanian Airlines booking Phone Number: +1(800) 305-6427
Royal Jordanian Airlines online Booking: +1(888) 540-7192
Royal Jordanian Airlines flight Cancellation desk: 1-888-588-5126
Flight Change/ Reschedule Help: 1-800-305-6427
Headquarters : Amman, Jordan
Official Website:

Royal Jordanian Airways Baggage Policy

The passenger need not be bothered about the restriction of Royal Jordanian airways. You can take as many luggage on the flight as you want, but do not exceed the limit. If you carry-on your luggage more than the limit then there will be incurring some fee as a penalty for that extra luggage. In other words, Royal Jordanian Airlines Company makes some charges on overweight and oversized of the luggage. The Royal Jordanian Airways Baggage Policy is always in favor of passengers. Some points are given below according to the overweight and oversize of the luggage:

  • The fee of checked baggage is applicable to per bag.
  • If you have sports items i.e. golf stick, cricket kits, etc. with the luggage then penalty fee may be applicable.
  • If a passenger carries one personal item then it will be free.
  • If the bag is overweight and oversized then the applicable fees will be charged according to the weight and size categories.

Royal Jordanian Airways carry-on baggage

If the weight and size of luggage bag are more than the limit then the charges are applicable to that luggage of a passenger. The extra weight and size of luggage fees are applied according to the destination, ticket types, types of the trip (round or direct trip), etc. If you are the regular passenger of Royal Jordanian Airways then your charges might be lower from other passengers. Many times charges may be slightly higher because of the fluctuating currency exchange rates.

  1. If the passenger is traveling in the crown class of flight then they can carry 2 pieces up to 32 kg each.
  2. If the passenger is traveling in Economy class then they can carry 2 pieces up to 23 kg each.
  3. The maximum size of the bag per piece is set by the sum of its 3 dimensions which should not more than 158 cm or 62 inches.
  4. If a passenger carries a bag and one personal item with him, then no penalty fees will be charged.
  5. The luggage should be fit the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  6. During the journey the passenger carries a jacket, umbrella, etc. are not count in carry-on baggage policy.

Royal Jordanian Airways checked baggage policy

If you purchased the economy basic fare of Royal Jordanian, your checked baggage is $60 US Dollars per direction including tax. Royal Jordanian Airways checked baggage policy is given below you should keep this policy in your mind:

  1. One bag is standard.
  2. One piece of the checked bag, the total of the 3 dimensions should not more 115 cm or 45 inches at 23 kg or 50 lbs.
  3. The weight of bags should be between 23 kg or 50 lbs and 32 kg or 70 lbs the excess weight charge will be $100 US Dollars per bag.
  4. The maximum weight of luggage is 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

Royal Jordanian Cancellation Policy

If you have booked your flight ticket in advance but due to some issues or situations, you have to cancel your ticket but don't worry, because here you will get every update about the Royal Jordanian Airways Cancellation Policy. Just follow below mention steps.

Important Points of Royal Jordanian Airways Cancellation Policy:

  • Passengers can cancel their tickets from the website Royal Jordanian Airways or official app.
  • The cancellation ticket request will only accept from online.
  • If you have canceled your booked ticket so you can make another flight booking with the same email id.
  • Cancellation charges will depend on the time, distance and date.

24 hours cancellation policy of Royal Jordanian Airways

  • Passengers have to cancel their booking within 24 hours from the departure of flight so, on those conditions, passengers will not get any cancellation charge.
  • There are various types of cancellation fees on the cancellation policy and also it depends on various aspects.
    If passengers will cancel their booked ticket after 24 hours then cancellation charges will apply.

Therefore, passengers can easily cancel their booked ticket and they can get a full refund if they read Royal Jordanian Airways Cancellation Policy accurately.

Royal Jordanian Manage Booking

Royal Jordanian Airways offers an extreme facility to its passengers where they can modify or manage their bookings. If you have booked a ticket through the agent or yourself but after a few hours or days, you want to put some changes on your booked ticket so it is a possible and very easy process. Passengers will only follow the Royal Jordanian Airways Manage Booking system. To get this procedure, just see the below-established steps.

Steps to Manage Reservation with Royal Jordanian Airways Manage Booking:

  1. Firstly, you have to go to the official website of “Royal Jordanian Airways”.
  2. Then, click on the “My Booking” option from the menus.
  3. After then, add your “Booking number or Last name” tab.
  4. Here you will get your booking details.
  5. So, you can modify or manage your booking.
  6. After all, click on the “Next” button.
  7. Make your payment which you have added or modify in your booking.
  8. After completion of payment, you will get a new E-ticket on your registered email id.

What You Can Manage through the Royal Jordanian Airways Manage Booking option?

  • Passengers can modify plenty of options on their booked flight tickets. Just follow the given below options.
  • Passengers can add special meals.
  • It also offers seat change facility where passengers upgrade their seats or modify seat.
  • Travelers can add baggage allowances.
  • Here you will get name change or flight change facility and so on.

Therefore, Passengers can modify various options through Royal Jordanian Airways Manage Booking phenomena at just one place.

Royal Jordanian Airways Check-In Policy

The Royal Jordanian Airways Check-In Policy states that passengers are required to check-in at the airport before 3-hours to their scheduled departure flight time. The Check-in counter closure time; The flight departure to all Royal Jordanian destinations earlier 60 minutes, and departure to and from Aqaba flights the previous 30 minutes. Thus, boarding gate closure; departure for all Royal Jordanian destinations before 20 minutes

Online Check-In: -

  • Consequently, Online Check-In or Web, check-in process says, the passengers can choose their seats and print off boarding pass previously exit for the airport. They can save a lot of time just by dropping their bags promptly. Web-check-in counter situated in the departure terminal at QAIA.

Self-Check-In at Airport: -

  • Now, the Royal Jordanian passengers can Self-check-In at Airport use check-in at Queen Alia International Airport by self-service check-in kiosks. In the departure terminus at kiosks, travelers can print baggage tags and boarding passes.

Where, the passengers can self-check-in for all routes, those departing from QAIA, through omissions of flights to London and North America, because of the security process.

What is the Check-In Procedure?

Those passengers are required to check-in at the airport within 3-hours before their scheduled departure time. All travelers need at the gate in the transit area 1-hour prior departure. And 30-minutes before departure to and from Aqaba flights.

Hence, further information visits the official airline website

Royal Jordanian Airlines Pet Policy

Are you flying with your beloved pet! Don’t miss the details guidance on Royal Jordanian Airways Pet Policy and accessible accommodations? Airways allow the passengers to travel with their Pet; a small dog or cat in-cabin travel. According to policy, Pets should meet the following credentials to travel in the passenger cabin:

  • The pet or animal weight must not exceed 15 pounds/7kg.
  • The Royal Jordanian flight can’t be over 5 hours in duration.
  • The pet carrier or vessel must not exceed the size of the under-seat storage area, which is 16x20x10 in or 40x50x26 cms if rigid.
  • The reservation cannot be made online and reservation must be arranged at least 48 hours previous to the scheduled flight departure time. And passengers required to get approval from the Jordanian flight systems & events section.
  • For large pet other than a dog or cat, or if it’s a very long flight, then Jordanian Airlines may transport your pet in the cargo section of the aircraft as per their regulations.
  • Pet should be healthy for travel, is free of diseases, and has been accurately vaccinated, particularly when traveling in the cargo section.

Hence, to get further information about Royal Jordanian Airways Pet Policy, and other query the official website.

Need further assistance?, Contact Royal Jordanian Airlines Customer Service

In case the passengers need further assistance then they can always get the same by dialing the 24/7 Royal Jordanian customer service toll-free phone number. One-stop solution from the best agents in the market will then be available for the passengers at any point in time without any sort of hesitation and that too all through the year. Passengers can feel free to ask anything to everything with regard to any of the issues and queries with regards to the airlines.

Royal Jordanian Frequently Asked Questions:



In addition to the normal consistent service on this flight, leaving and arriving perfectly on tine is important for such a late night flight. Especially for passengers frequently traveling on this route. I would suggest paying more attention to ensuring enough pillows and blankets are available for passengers.


it was good flight with RJ. Flight RJ152 left Amsterdam on time and arrived 20 min ahead of ETA. Good service, more or less empty plane due to Corona I guess. Wine available also for Economy class. Reliable airline.

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