Norwegian Airlines Reservations

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA is a nation Norwegian low-cost airline, and Norway's largest airline and headquarters is located in the Fornebu, Norway. It operates flight services to 149 destinations, across the world. Its largest Norway's airline providing the best flight service to several destinations, worldwide. Also, customers can get rewarded (Earn Cashpoints) whenever flying with the airline, spend Cash Points to their next booking.

Therefore, travelers can get great packages on their purchasing flight tickets with Norwegian Air and makes surpassing travel experience. Norwegian Airlines Reservations process is simple, easy for travelers. Commonly, Airline provides a large number of options to get instant reservation service, includes Airline service desk, online, and Airline reservation center. So, one can get the reservation facility through these three options and receive quick reservation service for their favorite destination to a pleasing trip.

Process of Booking Tickets Through Norwegian Airlines Reservations: -

One can easily follow the process of Norwegian Airlines Online Booking and travel with a hassle-free experience. The process is so simple.

Simple Steps to Norwegian Airlines Reservations: -

  • Go to the homepage by visiting the official website of Norwegian Airlines.
  • Go to the “Flight” section, where require to enter the journey details.
  • Enter the source place in the “Fly From” field.
  • Then enter the destination place means in the “Fly to” field.
  • Pickup one option out of two “round trip” or “one-way” option.
  • Select outbound and return dates.
  • Enter the number of passengers, also, add children's details.
  • Finally, click on the “Search and Book” button for seeking available Flight to your destination.
  • After then complete for the payment process.
  • Next, you will receive confirmation tickets on your Airline accounts section. Also, get into your email and phone.

In this manner, you can complete the booking process.

How to find the best offers and deals for flight reservations with Norwegian Airlines?

Flying with Norwegian Airlines Cheap Flight Tickets means comfortable journeys at low prices. Yes, you can save huge money on booking flight tickets with the airline for all classes. Because airlines offer to earn cash points service and spend that o their next booking. Meanwhile, passengers could get rewarded when flying every time with this Airline. Avail great benefit with Norwegian Air credit card, and Air Shuttle air miles as a frequent flyer of domestic and international business flights.

Moreover, you can also find the best offers and deals for flight reservations by visiting the official website of Norwegian Airlines, also in passengers’ hands as they can also contact Airline representatives to know about attractive deals. The representative will provide you the lucrative offers to reserve Air tickets with reasonable rates. You can too subscribe to the newsletter to get common updates on travel deals and discounts on Norwegian Air tickets. You must similarly book flight tickets in advance to avoid paying increased rates as the airfares tend to rise.

Norwegian Airlines Baggage Policy

The airline has firm guidelines which one has to take care of carry-on and checked baggage

Carry-on and Hand Baggage – if you traveling with the airline one can carry 1 carry-on bag for free of charge along with us one can also bring one small personal item onboard which might comprise of a small handbag or a slim laptop case which can fit under the seat in front of you and it also depends on certain below mentioned factors

The weight depends on what type of ticket are you traveling with LowFare, Lowfare+ and Premium tickets can carry

  • 1 Carry-on bag, with the maximum dimension 55x40x23cm or 22x16x9 inches approximately.
  • 1 small personal item which can maximum dimension 25X33X20cm or 10x13x8 inches approximately
  • The maximum combined weight cannot go beyond 10kg or about 22 pounds in other words

If you are traveling by Flex or Premium Flex tickets, one will be required to follow the same dimension as mentioned above but the weight can be up to 15kg or 33 pounds however in case if you are traveling from /to Dubai it cannot go beyond 8 kg.

There is no carry-on baggage allowance for infant tickets, the kids under the age of 2 are considered as infants however they are allowed to bring a good amount of baby food and milk and the children between the age of 2 -11years old can carry hand baggage and checked baggage as per their ticket

Checked Baggage- the ticket will determine if checked baggage is included or not or in other words if you will be required to pay extra

If you are flying in LowFare tickets, then you do not have the option to carry free checked bag however for domestic flight f you flying with LowFare+ticket one can check 1 carry bag which can weigh 20kg or 44 pounds and in case of Flex tickets, one can check 2 bags each weighing 20kgs.

In the case of Extra baggage, one can speak to the expert to get the details for the same

Norwegian Airlines Cancellation Policy

If you’re going to cancel your Norwegian flight? But you didn’t know the flight cancellation policy. Then don’t worry! Here are mentioned the Norwegian Airlines Cancellation Policy and rules, so you can get complete knowledge. Have a look at it:

  • According to Norwegian Airlines declared the cancellation policy and rules, the travelers can easily cancel the flights at least 1 week before their flight scheduled departure.
  • The Norwegian Flights to/from the U.S can be canceled only within a week before the flight scheduled departure. Cancellation of flight is also permitted 4 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • If travelers flight ticket is refundable, then they can also request for a refund within 24 hours.
  • In case, if the airline ticket is non-refundable, then there are no extra charges on ticket cancellation. If someone has bought a cancellation guard, then the ticket can delight can be made up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Norwegian Airlines Refund Policy

Once the reservation is done and then there is a change in plan one can look for the cancellation and can apply for the refund if one is aware of the Norwegian Airlines Refund Policy

One can apply for the full refund if the ticket is canceled within 4 hours of booking and if the cancellation is done after 4 hours, then charges are applicable it will vary as per the booing fare of the ticket. The refund can be claimed for the government taxes and other taxes too and the request for the refund is only applicable on the ticket which are not used or the passenger did not board the flight.

In order to get the refund one will be required to ensure what is he looking for the refund

  1. Flight Ticket
  2. Name change fee which means an official name change
  3. Pre-ordered meal
  4. Pre-booked seat
  5. Payment made at the airport
  6. Payment made on board
  7. Refund of the Argentinian ticket tax
  8. Taxes refund (unused low fear ticket)

Once the reason has been selected, you can submit the claim online by filling the details as

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email Address
  • Booking Reference
  • Traveling to/ from
  • Flight number
  • Flight date

It is always advised that one should not write the details of the credit card ad the form will be summited to the concerned department.

Norwegian Airlines Check-in Policy

Once the reservation is confirmed and you are aware of the baggage policy and can also look for the different options of Check-in

Online Check-in – one can check-in 24 hours before the flight departure through any of the following ways

SMS Ticket

  • While providing the details, if you have given the mobile number, in this case, you will the SMS Ticket two hours before departure
  • Hit on the link and press Check-in option in order to get the boarding pass displayed
  • As soon as the check is done, you will be able to scan the barcode on the digital boarding pass at security screening and boarding

Travel Assistant App

  • With the help of the app click on check-in option in order to complete the check-in process and then the boarding pass will be displayed on the boarding pass
  • As soon the check-in process is complete, you can scan the barcode on the digital boarding pass at security screening and boarding

My Travels

  • One will be required to log into your booking through My Travels
  • You will be able to use your device to scan the barcode on your digital boarding pass at security screening and boarding

Mobile Check-in – one can check-in for your flight using your smartphone 24 hours prior the flight departure and one also has to take into consideration depending on departure city and destination and you also have the option to check bags and for the same, all you need to do is drop them before the check-in deadline for your flight

Kiosk Check-in – one can check-in at the airport self-service Kiosk although it is available at selected airports, for the same one will be required to enter the booking reference and print your boarding pass and one has to make sure that the deadline of the domestic and international flights deadline is kept in mind. In case if you are looking for special assistance and using Norwegians Unaccompanied Minor service and are traveling with pets, musical instruments, or weapons one needs to check in one hour at least before the departure.

Counter Check-in – one ca check-in at the airport ticket counter to receive the printed boarding pass and check baggage/hold luggage. Check-in at most airport ticket counter opens 2-3 hours before departure time and it will get over 40 minutes to 60 minutes before the departure time and it also depends on departure city and destination

In case one is still looking for more clarification then one can also get in touch with the expert by dialing the customer service number.

Norwegian Airlines Manage Booking

It helps one to manage the bookings as per the convenience in two ways –

If you already have a profile – then share the details as

  • Email (Username)
  • Password
  • If you don’t have a profile
  • Booking reference (6 characters)
  • Last name
  • Then click on a booking

Once you have the access then you can change date and time, the destination and a name of the ticket holder and the changes can take place up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure and it can be done for most of the destinations online

In case of the error in the spelling of your name, one can get in touch with the airlines free of cost only up to 3 characters and if the correction is more than that, it can also be done free of charge as long as able to prove that it is the same person and in case the name change is because of the legal formalities initially one has to pay the price for the same and later can ask for the refund

One can rebook, cancel the flight can book the seat and hence can take a couple of actions in order to get the manage the travel

Norwegian Airlines Pet Policy

If you are worrying to travel without a pet, leaving all your worries with us can help you in many ways as you can travel with a pet, if you are aware of the policy

Pets in the Cabin –

If the cats and dogs are small they can travel in the cabin if you are flying on domestic airlines in Norway (Svalbard excluded) Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Spain, up to 2 can be traveled in the cabin and in case if they are kittens or puppies up to 3 are permitted however one has to ensure that 8 weeks old to travel and one need to take care that weight of the pet and carrier should not exceed 8 kg or 17lbs and you will be required to pay 38-55 GBP in case it is done online or 47-66 GBP in case it is done at the airport

Pets in Checked Baggage –

In case the weight of the pet is over 17lb or 8 kg, in other words, can be taken as checked baggage and one can put 2 cats or 2 dogs in the same carrier if they are familiar with each other however one has to ensure that they are 8 weeks old and they should be at least of maximum weight 31lb or 14 kg in other words per animal. It is allowed that a cat or dog can travel in the same crate. From/to Svalbard (dogs only) however within Schengen Cats and within Norway. You will be required to pay 55-70 GBP if one is booking the same online and if you do so at the airport then you will be required to pay 65-80 GBP.

Pets in Cargo –

Pets which are traveling alone and if the pet falls under the category of extra weight will be taken as a cargo and in case if one is looking for the information can also look for getting in touch with customer service

Carrier Guidelines are as follows –

  • If the pets are traveling in the cabin carrier must not exceed 17X12X8 or in other words 43cmx31cmx20cm, it is also advisable to use
  • Sherpa Bag made of flexible materials, however, other carriers are also acceptable
  • If the carrier is traveling in the hold, a carrier must not exceed 50x32x34 or in other words 125cmx81cmx20cm
  • It is very essential that carrier should be marked with the name and the phone number and you should also take care that carrier must be clean, in good condition and it should be made of solid waterproof material and the airlines do not accept weld mesh carriers. You need to take care that wheels must be removed, doors must be secured and the carrier must be ventilated on 3 sides.

Other Restrictions –

In case if your pet is a snub-based breed and in case one wants to travel with Norwegian all you will be required to sign a release form at check-in acknowledging the risk linked with air travel from your pet.

Pet Reservation –

If one is looking to fly with your dog to/from Svalbard one will be required to apply from a permit from the Norwegian. Food Safety Authority and for the same one can check on the website as in some flights are limited to 2 pets and booking can be done as soon as your travel plans are confirmed and one can also do by contacting our customer service representative

Need Assistance? Contact Norwegian Airlines Customer service

In case if you need any assistance from any queries or issues related to the Norwegian flights, you can contact Norwegian Airlines Customer service hassle-free for instant help. The customer service representatives are available 24x7/365 days to provide support. The splendid service will assist in quickly solve any kind of Airline regarding issues like Reservation, Online booking procedure, Baggage policy, cancel the procedure and so son. Also, you can receive the best offer and deals on your flight booking. To obtain instant online support at your place anytime for airline issues.

Hence, still, if you are not booked a flight ticket for your dreamland, then do right now and enjoy your trip with a comfortable journey and facilities.

List of Norwegian Airlines Connection Destinations(Find Airport Name with City/Country Details)

Aalborg Airport (AAL) Aalborg Czech Republic
Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport  Madrid Spain
Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP) Buenos Aires Argentina
Agadir–Al Massira Airport  Agadir Morocco
Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (AJA) Ajaccio France
Aktion National Airport  Preveza Greece
Alicante–Elche Airport  Alicante Spain
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol  Amsterdam Netherlands
Antalya Airport  Antalya Turkey
Athens International Airport  Athens Greece
Austin–Bergstrom International Airport  Austin United States
Barcelona–El Prat Airport  Barcelona Spain
Bastia – Poretta Airport (BIA) Bastia France
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport Belgrade Serbia
Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv Israel
Berlin Schönefeld Airport Berlin Germany
Bilbao Airport  Bilbao Spain
Billund Airport (BLL) Billund Czech Republic
Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport (BOD) Bordeaux France
Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport Budapest Hungary
Burgas Airport (BOJ) Burgas Bulgaria
Catania–Fontanarossa Airport Catania Italy
Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport (IGR) Puerto Iguazú Argentina
Cephalonia International Airport Cephalonia Greece
Chania International Airport Chania Greece
Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris France
Cologne Bonn Airport Cologne Germany
Copenhagen Airport (CPH) Copenhagen Czech Republic
Copernicus Airport Wrocław Wrocław Poland
Corfu International Airport  Corfu Greece
Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport  Funchal Portugal
Denver International Airport  Denver United States
Dubai International Airport  Dubai United Arab Emirates
Dublin Airport  Dublin Ireland
Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) Dubrovnik Brazil
Düsseldorf Airport Düsseldorf Germany
Edinburgh Airport  Edinburgh United Kingdom
Falcone Borsellino Airport  Palermo Italy
Faro Airport Faro Portugal
Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport Fort Lauderdale United States
Fuerteventura Airport Fuerteventura Spain
Gatwick Airport London United Kingdom
Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport Gdańsk Poland
Geneva Airport  Geneva Switzerland
Gobernador Horacio Guzmán International Airport (JUJ) San Salvador de Jujuy Argentina
Göteborg Landvetter Airport Gothenburg Sweden
Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport (MDZ) Mendoza Argentina
Gran Canaria Airport  Las Palmas Spain
Grenoble–Isère Airport (GNB) Grenoble France
Hamburg Airport Hamburg Germany
Hannover Airport Hanover Germany
Helsinki Airport (HEL) Helsinki Finland
Heraklion International Airport Heraklion Greece
Ibiza Airport Ibiza Spain
Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport(COR) Córdoba Argentina
Ivalo Airport (IVL) Ivalo Finland
João Paulo II Airport Ponta Delgada Portugal
John F. Kennedy International Airport New York City United States
Karlstad Airport Karlstad Sweden
Kaunas Airport Kaunas Lithuania
Keflavík International Airport Reykjavík Iceland
Kiruna Airport Kiruna Sweden
Kittilä Airport (KTT) Kittilä Finland
Kos International Airport Kos Greece
Krabi International Airport Krabi Thailand
Kraków John Paul II International Airport Kraków Poland
Lanzarote Airport Lanzarote Spain
Larnaca International Airport (LCA) Larnaca Cyprus
Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport Rome Italy
Lisbon Airport Lisbon Portugal
Logan International Airport Boston United States
Los Angeles International Airport Los Angeles United States
Luleå Airport Luleå Sweden
Málaga Airport Málaga Spain
Malmö Airport Malmö Sweden
Malta International Airport Valletta Malta
Manchester Airport Manchester United Kingdom
Marrakesh Menara Airport  Marrakech Morocco
Marseille Provence Airport (MRS) Marseille France
Martín Miguel de Güemes International Airport (SLA) Salta Argentina
Menorca Airport Menorca Spain
Miami International Airport Miami United States
Milan–Malpensa Airport  Milan Italy
Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE) Buenos Aires Argentina
Montpellier–Méditerranée Airport (MPL) Montpellier France
Munich Airport  Munich Germany
Murcia–San Javier Airport Murcia Spain
Naples International Airport  Naples Italy
Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (NCE) Nice France
O'Hare International Airport  Chicago United States
Oakland International Airport Oakland United States
Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport Olbia Italy
Orlando International Airport Orlando United States
Orly Airport Paris France
Oulu Airport (OUL) Oulu Finland
Palanga International Airport Palanga Lithuania
Palma de Mallorca Airport  Palma de Mallorca Spain
Pisa International Airport  Pisa Italy
Poznań–Ławica Airport  Poznań Poland
Presidente Perón International Airport (NQN) Neuquén Argentina
Pristina International Airport  Pristina Kosovo[a]
Pula Airport (PUY) Pula Brazil
Queen Alia International Airport  Amman Jordan


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