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Reservationbuy Cancellation Refund Policy

Additional Cost

To ensure that customers receive the best airfare, there are additional costs such as miscellaneous costs or taxes imposed by the government that are added to the fare or mentioned in detail on the payment page. If there has been any fluctuation in the rate of income tax while the reservation has been confirmed, which has not been mentioned at the time of programming, the client will take care of this. Below are the other associated charges that have been imposed.

a. Free Cancellation and Refund

When it comes to travel, sometimes things don't happen as we expect. For this reason, Reservationbuy will comply to provide a transparent refund and a cancellation policy so that when things go wrong, you know what can be done. No cancellation fee is charged when cancellation is made within 24 hours. But if you cancel after 24 hours of the reservation, you will be charged a cancellation fee. It should also be taken into account that only after the customer has verified, will his request for refund or cancellation be implemented.

b. Costs when entering or leaving the country

When traveling internationally, airports in some countries charge a special fee upon entering or leaving the nation. These charges are exclusive of published ticket rates. You must obtain the knowledge of these countries that charge the entry and exit fee.

c. Paper Ticket Charges

When paper seats are issued, a shipping fee is charged. A re-handling fee is charged when the ticket has not been delivered or has been redirected. But, it should be borne in mind that if these costs are applicable, they will be shown in the agreement before it has been purchased.

d. Cost of luggage and auxiliary airline

Many airlines charge auxiliary costs to provide solutions when they meet or exceed some specific terms that the airline meets. Some of the terms are included, but are not limited to the baggage weight limit, the baggage allowance or the number of bags, etc. and conditions of the airline so that there is a better understanding.

e. Charges for itinerary change

There will be changes in the itinerary if you are under the flight fare rules. Moreover, charges between $ 200 or $ 300 per person will be imposed, which may differ from the market at a specific rate rule. If changes to the itinerary are required, a processing fee per solution will be charged.

Refund Policy

Below is a clear statement of the Refund Policy

When can the refund be claimed?

How can I claim the refund?

All you have to do is call the customer service number to communicate that the price received is contrary to the guaranteed price. There must be legitimacy attached to you in the context of the contract made by the website of the low-cost provider while you have sent us the mail. There will be a refund of the different price.

How should the refund be established?

If the customer has been transported to receive the refund, it is mandatory that he / she deliver the necessary documentation by mail to claim the refund, which is in context with the low price policy. The documentation must mention the name of the destination, the time and date of the trip, the air ticket, the flight title, the course of the provider and also other necessary information.

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