United Airlines Pet Policy

United Airlines Pet Policy

  • According to United Airlines Pet Policy, only two pets are permitted in the cabin of United Airlines.
  • Also, the cage/carrier of the pet should be ventilated accurately.
  • The cage/carrier for the pet must be large enough to stand and turn around without touching the top.
  • The carrier should be waterproof, secure, have proper locks, and food container that is accessible from outside the carrier.
  • No passenger is allowed to carry more than one adult pet (dog, cat) or two puppies/kittens in a single carrier/cage.

In-Cabin United Pet Policy Is United Airlines Safe for Pets?

  1. Under the In-Cabin United Pet Policy and rule, the passengers are allowed with small pets (dogs or cats) in the traveler cabin or shipped individually with United’s PetSafe program.
  2. In-cabin pets are attained safely for carriage on domestic flights between U.S./Canada and Mexico, the Central, Caribbean, and South America.
  3. For the international route restrictions on pets in the cabin on flights to, from or through Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Guam, Cuba, India, Panama, South Africa, Tahiti, Trinidad, and Tobago or the United Kingdom.
  4. Pets should be in a kennel and fit conveniently underneath the seat:
  • For kennels hard-sided:17.5 x 12 x 7.5
    For kennels soft-sided: 18 x 11x 11

How to Make Pet Reservations with United Airlines?

The passengers can book tickets of their pets both ways by online at "” or by contacting the United Airlines Pet Reservations department.

  1. To make online reservations of pets on the flight, visit “”.
  2. Then enter the number of travelers on the reservation.
  3. Follow the steps underneath “Pets in the cabin” to make reservations.
  4. You can also add your pet to your current reservation through “Manage Reservations” on the “”.

Hence, the travelers are permitted to make reservations in Airlines maximum 30 days or a minimum of 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight time.

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