Turkish Airlines Manage Booking & Change Flight

Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier of Turkey, and its headquarters is located in the Istanbul Atatürk Airport, YeÅŸilköy, Istanbul, Turkey. It provides scheduled services to destinations 315 in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Well, it supplies more destinations service non-stop from a single airport all across the world. Therefore, travelers get an exclusive offer on Turkish Airlines Manage Booking or purchasing tickets and make a unique travel experience. Therefore, sometimes the travelers need to change or manage booking services, which could make them a tough task.

Buy a Turkish Airlines flight ticket, and enhance the awesome experience. Also, a change or management booking service is easy to process for travelers, if they want to do it. This means, due to some unforeseen situations, if passengers want to make a change in the booking or cancel their Turkish Airlines tickets. So, in such an event, Turkish Airlines provides its customers with the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking option via their Website, and Mobile app or communicating with the customer service team.

Turkish Airlines Manage Booking Process -

1. Manage Booking through a travel agent: -

If customers booked a reservation through a travel agent, then they can still see their reservation using a surname and booking number.

2.Manage Booking through Airline Website: -

If customers booked tickets online via the Airline website, then they Sign in to your account and see all the details of their bookings.

Steps to make changes in flight booking: -

  • First, visit the official website and Sign in to your account.
  • Then, enter the confirmation number and last name in the field.
  • Now, see a list of reservations.
  • Then make changes to reservations.
  • Also, a customer makes same-day changes to their booking by communicating the customer service of the airline.
  • Then also they can make changes in special service demand and frequent flyer information.

Well, in the manage booking section, passenger can also cancel their bookings and can request a refund. To get a refund, require a print copy of the reservation and send the same via mail. Then, they can post a refund.

How To Seat Selection On Turkish Airlines?

Moreover, Seat Selection On Turkish Airlines International and Domestic flights, for travelers who haven’t purchased a seat for the domestic section till up to 24-hours earlier the flight, a seat is randomly allocated during the process check-in.

Seat Selection on Turkish for Domestic flights: - standard seats in the EcoFly package are available at a fee until up to 6 hours earlier flight. And standard seat selection in the Economy Class cabin for Extra Fly and Premium Fly, the package is accessible free of cost till 1.5 hours left to flight. And then emergency exit seats and Extra legroom seats, all packages are available with a fee until 6 hours till the flight. For passengers who have bought an EcoFly package flight and haven’t acquired a seat till there are 6 hours left, a random seat assignment is made during the check-in process.

Seat Selection on Turkish for International Economy Class flights: - so the standard seat selection is possible and free of cost from 100 days earlier the flight till the check-in process. And Emergency exit seat selection is free of cost 355 days earlier the flight till up to 48 hours earlier leaving.

How to Change Flight On Turkish Airlines?

If the passengers want to make changes to the ticket or Reschedule Flight Ticket On Turkish Airlines, then they will be charged a ticket service fee, that varies as per route and flight class. Passengers can reschedule ticket by yourself online via visiting the official website.

Follow the steps do it:-

  • Go to the Turkish Airlines homepage, and then "My Reservations" section.
  • From here passengers can change a flight, or check boking status, or reschedule tickets
  • Hit on the "Change Flights" button for rescheduling the ticket.
  • A new prompt for a new flight will open, then click "Continue”.
  • After confirming the changes, submit fees (the differences in change fees will apply).
  • Now, print a new boarding pass if the flight leaves in the next 24 hours.

What is the Turkish Airlines Name Change policy?

Turkish Airlines provides the best flight booking facilities aid to in quickly manage a booking flight. Therefore, the case if a passenger enters the wrong name while manage to book a flight, then they can change it easily with Turkish Airlines. According to the Turkish Airlines Name Change policy, first, the passengers have to cancel their booked ticket and then reissue it. As per change/cancel policy says, if the passengers want to change a name in Turkish flight then they have to do it within 24 hours.

How to Change Name in Turkish flight tickets?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. First, go to the official Turkish website or navigate this link “https://www.turkishairlines.com/”.
  2. Then hit on the “Sign In” button to entree your Airline account.
  3. Now select the “manage booking” section and then click on the name of the passengers.
  4. Next, hit on the “Edit” button and cancel your booked flight and then choose to tab re-booking.
  5. Enter the accurate passenger’s information into their compulsory field.
  6. Carefully read the instructions and then choosing a bank and enter the right debit/credit card number.
  7. After then a code will be sent to your registered mobile, which permits paying the amount. Then lastly saves the ticket on your mobile.

Hence, for further assistance, you can visit the Turkish Airlines website or connect the service desk anytime.

Get 24x7 Anytime Online Turkish Airlines Customer Service: -

In case, if passengers as you have any complaints or issues of the ticket related, then you can connect with the Turkish Airlines Customer Service team who works 24x7 to help. The outstanding and excellent service representative can handle any kind with extreme reliability in a short time. So next time If want to book or change airlines, make sure you can get instant online support at your place anytime.

Turkish Airlines Manage Booking & Change Flight Frequently Asked Questions

We all want a superlative and congenial journey. Hence, it is essential to get a seat of your preference. You can choose your seat easily with or without charges based on the seat selection policy of Turkish Airlines. Standard, extra legroom, and emergency exit seats can be selected from 355 days’ preliminary to the flight to 26 hours before departure but with some charge.

  1. Visit the Turkish Airlines
  2. Tap on Turkish “Manage my booking”
  3. Enter your ticket number and tap Edit
  4. Go to the seat selection button, pick a seat from the option list
  5. Go to the save button and confirm your seat.

You can buy e-tickets by visiting the official website of Turkish Airlines. You must enter the required flight details to select the available flight. Now pay for your booked flight with Turkish Airlines.

Yes, you can change your flight by going to the official website of Turkish Airlines by clicking on Register / Manage Booking. After that you have to enter the confirmation number your last name, then you can change your flight. You can select an alternate flight by clicking Confirm Flight. Then you have to pay the fare difference between the two flights.

Yes, passengers can add additional cargo to their existing booking through the Manage Booking tab on the official website of Turkish Airlines. Fill in the guide in the confirmation number, which will open your booking. Click Add stuff. Increase the number of extra bags in your handbag. Pay for excess baggage and Confirm it.

The PNR number on the accepted ticket becomes a unique 10 digit number. This number is located in the top left corner of the printed stamp. The e-ticket is listed in a separate cell above.

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