Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Turkish Airlines is one of the best national carrier airlines in Turkey. This airline company provides top services to the passengers. It serves more than 300 hundred destinations across the globe. Turkish Airlines handles lakhs of passengers daily and millions of passengers are traveling every year with this trusted airline. If you are planning to travel with airlines then you should choose Turkish Airlines. It becoming an acclaimed airline company every day. Turkish airlines are one of the fastest air shuttle provider companies. It covers long distances in a short time. You can always get more facilities with advanced features in this airline.

What is the Cancellation Policy of Turkish Airlines?

Sometimes the passenger is unable to travel on the flight departure day due to some reason, in this situation they need to cancel their flight ticket. If you also want to cancel your Turkish airline flight ticket then you can do it easily but before that, you have to provide your valid region. The Turkish Airlines cancellation policy is one of the best policies in comparison to other airlines company. It is always in favor of passengers. Turkish airline cancellation policy 24 hours does not cover ticket purchases for last-minute travel. Before doing the reservation and cancellation of the flight ticket, you should check the policy of Turkish airlines.

Some Cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines is given below

  • According to the cancelation policy of Turkish Airlines, passengers can get a full refund on the Turkish Airlines cancellation.
  • If travelers cancel their flight between ‘one hour to twelve hours’ before the departure schedule of the flight then the Turkish airline bears a 40% fee for the cancellation.
  • When the passenger booked their Turkish airline flight in advance then they will get more flexibility to cancel the flight one hour prior to the flight departure.
  • Turkish Airlines do not consider any return on cancellation of the non-refund flight.
  • If passenger cancel the Turkish Airlines ticket up to 24 hours prior to the flight departure schedule they definitely get a refund, no refund amount will be charged.
  • Turkish Airlines Company gives the facility to claim a refund after canceling the flight. Passenger can fill the online request form, when they submit the refund form then their request can be processed within 6 to 7 working days from making the request.

How to Cancel Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket?

Before canceling the flight ticket passenger should know the cancellation policy of their airlines because many questions are rises in the mind that money will be refunded or not after ticket cancellation. If there will be no full refund then how much money I will get and in which situation there will be no refund, etc. If you are canceling the ticket then you will also expect to get a refund, so if you want to refund then you need to fill the refund form. The refund form is just like to request for refund. In this way, the company gets notified from you that you want to refund. So you will get a refund according to their policy. If you are thinking that how to get money, so don’t think much because the refund amount will be received in the same mode of transaction. Some people do not know the procedure to cancel their flight, in that case, no need to go anywhere just follow the best and easy steps to cancel your flight ticket:

Step by step instructions are given below to Cancel Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket

  1. First of all, you need to go to the website portal of Turkish Airlines through the web browser or URL.
  2. You will see the option of manage my travel click on it then you have required entering the reservation details.
  3. After that when the booking details are retrieved, you will be provided with flight changes and cancellation options.
  4. Then you should choose the cancel fight option and confirm the cancellation.
  5. You go to the screen instruction to complete the process.
  6. By adopting all the above steps, you will get the confirmation text of the cancellation on the registered contact number.

What happens if Turkish cancels a flight?

First Turkish Airlines do not want to cancels their flight, but unfortunately, if Turkish Airlines cancel the flight then there can be a reason behind that. The reason behind your canceled flight is due to bad weather or any other reason. If there is any fault or any type of technical problem in the flight, this situation is also considered in the flight cancellation. If Turkish airlines cancel flight then they provide the accommodation until the next flight and if there are no flights to your destination then you have an option to use a road transport service. If you don’t want to travel with alternative flights or want to travel by road then Turkish Airlines will offer a full refund of your ticket value.




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