Spirit Airlines Pet Policy and Reservations

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy and Reservations

Planning to travel with your Pet? So, don’t worry, Spirit airlines provide the opportunity to travel with your pet with the same flight. But before traveling just follow the below given Spirit Airlines Pet Policy.

  • Passengers have to provide the health certification to the airport authority and the certification must be verified via the veterinary doctor.
  • The pet should not be less than 10-week- old for domestic and 15-week-old for international flights.
  • The travelers can carry a maximum of two pets (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, or another small pet) in a single journey.
  • The pet should not be harmful, offensive, odori, or other violations on the duration of the journey or in the flight.

In-Cabin Spirit Pet Policy:

  • Passengers have to approve their containers from Spirit airlines.
  • The container should be feet under the seat.
  • The pet and container weight should not exceed 19 KG.
  • According to the In-Cabin Spirit Pet Policy, container size is 18"x14"x9" (45.72cm x 35.56 cm x 22.86cm) accordingly, LXWXH.

Is Spirit Airlines Safe for Pets?

Spirit Airlines always welcome the pets and they provide total support on their flight. But, before journey passengers should provide proper identification such as tags, bread, mental health certification, or other certificates. And these forms are available on the official website of Spirit airlines where passengers can easily submit.

How to Make Pet Reservations With Spirit Airlines?

There are two ways where passengers can make their pet reservations with Spirit airlines Just visit the Spirit airlines.

  • Pet reservations online.
  • Pet reservation through a travel agent.

How to make pet booking with Spirit Airlines?

  1. Choose the booking tab and fill all details of the journey.
  2. The select flight and choose a room or cabin for the pet.
  3. Also, you can select cargo for your pet.

How to made Pet reservation via travel agent:

Just contact a travel agent or third-party website and they will provide you proper assistance for your pet reservation. After connecting via phone, the travel agent asks the details about your pet and then confirm your booking.

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