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It is the major airline of America and it is the largest low-cost airline, the airline has its headquarter located in Dallas, Texas. The airlines provide services to 101 destinations. If you have to fly with the airline one will be required to get the reservation done like any other airline s one can get the reservation either on the web or by calling the reservation team and the airlines also run the frequent flyer program by the name of Rapid Rewards.

Southwest Airlines have a very flexible policy that encourages people to travel with it. Policies such as baggage allowance, return policy, revision of dates or cancellation policy, etc., are very beneficial. Managing your booking with Southwest Airlines is easy. Anyone can do this only if they have an airline account or can call the Southwest Airlines reservation number. This number is active 24*7, so a person can call at any time. Here's how you can manage your booking with Southwest Airlines.

How to manage to book with Southwest Manage Booking?

As you are through the process of making the reservation if one needs to view or make some changes it is possible through Manage Booking

  • Step1: First and foremost, ensure that you are on the official page an among the available options please click on Manage Booking
  • Step2: Now you will be asked to enter the details as – confirmation number of the flight, last name and then click on option search for your flight
  • Step3: Once you have successfully logged in you can do
  • Upgrade the flight
  • Check-in
  • Reprint your boarding pass
  • If you are flying with Business Class ticket or Anytime fares, you can also change to available fight for the same day however the taxes and applicable fee will be charged
  • Step4: One can also view the status of your flight and hence keep a track of everything

How to do Seat Selection with Southwest Airlines?

The airline has the seating Policy in place which is as below

  1. The airline has open seating policy which means that the boarding pass will be provided as a group A, B or C and the boarding position 1-60 and within how many seats you can choose from
  2. When you are at the airport people will stand in the queue holding the placards with the same letters however they made some changes now the lines have a number and they can sort among themselves

How to reschedule flight tickets with Southwest Airlines?

The airline does understand that plans do change hence we do not charge any fee for the same and one will be required to pay only the difference in the fare ad it can be done by taking the steps as

  1. Log in to the account by going on the official website
  2. Among the available options listed at the top click on the flight and then select Manage Reservations and in case of rescheduling the flight click on Change Flight
  3. Now on this page click on self- service option and you will be required to enter the details as conformation, first name, last name, and click on search
  4. Now you will be able to Change Flight, in other words, reschedule the flight by availing the option of reviewing the option of alternate flights, can review the flights, and then purchase the ticket at your convenience.

In case one needs to know more information one can feel free to reach the customer cate or some basic information can also be gathered on the official page of the airlines.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

You may be booking your tickets in SouthWest airlines on a continuous basis. But sometimes you may be in a hurry as a result of which you may have misspelled name on airline ticket SouthWest. If you are one such passenger who has made a similar mistake then throw away your worries straightway as there is an effective way through which passengers can easily change the name on SouthWest airline flight ticket. Passengers can get easy assistance for the same either through direct assistance from the qualified agents who are available all through the day and all through the year or they can manually follow the step by step procedure as mentioned down in the tutorial to easily change the name of SouthWest airlines flight tickets. Passengers following the manual procedure and getting stuck in the middle can consult us at any point in time and we would be more than happy in offering all the necessary assistance and getting the same resolved in one go without any sort of hesitation or giving a second thought.

How to change the name on SouthWest airlines flight tickets?

  • Step 1: Visit the travel portal through which the passengers have booked their airline tickets in a browser of their choice and logging in with the account username and account password.
  • Step 2: Passengers can now move on to the Manage my Bookings section where they can find the list of tickets that have been booked by the passengers
  • Step 3: Passengers can now click on the ticket for which they have misspelled the name and for which they are looking to change the name.
  • Step 4: Passengers can finally make all the necessary edits required and click on Save Changes in order to ensure that the changes that they have made have been saved in an effective manner.

SouthWest airlines 24-hour cancellation

SouthWest airlines have offered a provision to all its dedicated passengers who are canceling their tickets within 24 hours of booking and are liable to get a 100% refund on their booked tickets. Passengers can seek assistance for the same from us at any point of time in case they are looking for further assistance with regards to the same from us. So take a wise decision whatever suits you the best.

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