LATAM Airlines Cancellation Policy

LATAM Airlines is a region and the largest airline in Latin America. It’s headquartered is located in Santiago, Chile. However, the airline provides world-class flight booking services. Despite, if the passenger wants to know that How to cancel LATAM Airlines flight, so it’s also a simple process. If the traveler cancels the airline ticket for any reason, then airlines provided a simple way to manage to book. So, if the travelers did their airline reservations either used the online portal or mobile application. They can simply cancel the booked tickets.

What is the Latam Cancellation Policy? 

If the passenger needs to cancel the flight then they should be alert of the LATAM Airlines Cancellation Policy. Then they should read the below-given information to know more about it.

  • According to the LATAM cancellation policy, if the passenger can cancel their bookings within the set standard time frame of 24 hours so they can avoid any type of cancellation fee.
  • LATAM Airlines will not charge any cancellation fee if the passenger desires to rebook properly if the airline is canceling the ticket within the first 24 hours.
  • If the travelers will cancel flight after a day (the first 24 hours) of the booking, then they will need to pay the LATAM Airlines Cancellations fees.
  • The policy says that the adult passengers of Airlines are allowed for a refund on performing the LATAM cancellation.
  • If the passenger reservation ticket was made via Travel Agent or Agency, so then the passengers must get in touch with the same for getting a refund on making the cancellation.

How You Can Cancel LATAM Airlines Flight Ticket?

Follow these easy steps to cancel Airlines flight ticket:

  1. Go to the official website of LATAM Airlines.
  2. Then go to “My Trips” to manage bookings of flight tickets.
  3. Next, you will see a list of earlier & current bookings tickets. Then choose the one which you wish to cancel.
  4. Then enter the Booking ID.
  5. Choose the Cancel option for your selected reservations.
  6. Now, book reservations have been canceled and the refund price will be seen on the screen.
  7. The refund of the amount will be credited to your corresponding bank account only.

That’s all.

What happens if LATAM Airlines cancels a flight and how often does LATAM Airlines cancel flights?

If you’re thinking that what happens if your flight was canceled? Will LATAM offer any services! so the answer is Yes. If a flight is canceled or there is a delay by LATAM Airlines for any reason (bad weather conditions or technical issue) then the airline provides accommodation to passengers on the next available airline if seats are available. In the situation, if the airlines are unable to take you to your final destination on the expected date and the delay or cancellation, then under LAN’s control, the airline will offer you hotel accommodation, subject to availability, and a meal.

Hence, for more information about Airlines visits the official website.

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