Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy and Reservations

Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy and Reservations

Jetblue airlines are very friendly for your pet where you can easily travel with your lovely pet through the carrier. But before traveling you have to follow certain Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy and rules. To get full details about it just see the below-given steps:

Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy:

  • The minimum age of the pet 8-week-old and the pet only travels with passengers.
  • Pet vaccination information and health certificate are required before traveling.
  • Only advanced booking will accept according to seat availability.
  • The health certificated should be verified by a registered veterinary doctor.
  • The pet weight should not be more than 20 pounds.

In-Cabin Jetblue Pet Policy:

  • A maximum of two pets is allowed in a single carrier.
  • The carrier should be space full where pets can move and stand up or down.
  • Hard and soft-sided both will be acceptable.
  • The carrier must be ventured and waterproof.

Carrier Size:

Under the In-Cabin Jetblue Pet Policy, The Maximum Carrier size following:

  • 17″ = Length.
  • 12.5″ = Width.
  • 8.5″= Height.

Pet Allowed:

Only dogs and cats are allowed with their travelers.

Route Restriction:

JetBlue doesn’t accept pet reservations some specific countries such as (Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, St Lucia, Barbados, or Trinidad and Tobago are not permitted).

Is Jetblue Airlines Safe for Pets?

Before traveling, Jetblue will offer the pet travel guide where you can get safety features and benefits of the pets. Also, jet blue airlines offer emotional support to animals where travelers can get booking via special request.

How to get a pet reservation in Jetblue airlines?

On the duration of travel booking, just contact Jetblue airline's customer number and book a space for your pet. But the booking will take only in advance and before pet reservations in Jetblue airlines, passengers have to submit health documents or other specific information

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