Jetblue Airlines Manage Booking & Reschedule Flight

Jetblue airlines are the third largest airline after United airlines and, not to forget, it is the flag carrier of the United States. Jetblue airlines celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2011. The airline is headquartered at Texas Airport and serves 107 destinations and its frequent flyer program is called Aero-privilege, and to enjoy the privilege one needs to Fly the airline over and over again and earn miles on your Jetblue airlines booking account and you can make the flight reservation at your convenience.

What is the Jetblue Airlines Manage Booking Policy?

If you want to add or modify your booking itineraries on the booked ticket of the Jetblue airlines so it can possible via Jetblue manage booking facility but there are some rules or guidelines which should be followed by the passengers such as:

  • Passengers can save the change or modify charges if they manage their booking up to 24 hours before the actual departure of the flight time.
  • Travelers have to pay only a different amount for the modified booking but sometimes, it will depend on the class, distance, duration, or another major factor.

Services Provided by JetBlue Airlines Manage Booking:

There are plenty of services offered by the manage booking option of the Jetblue airlines such as:

  • Passengers can edit or view previous & current booking details.
  • Change or reschedule the flight.
  • Add special food & drink.
  • Additional baggage allowances.
  • Name & date change on the booked ticket.
  • Flight cancellation & refund request.
  • Make your check-in process easy.
  • Add in-flight amenities & many more things.

Therefore, passengers can easily change or add their Jetblue Airlines Manage Flight itinerary.

Things You Can Do During The “Jetblue Airlines Manage Booking” Process:

  • Passengers can simply add any booking itineraries on the booked flight tickets using the manage booking option.
  • To get immediate manage booking, just visit the ‘’ official website of the JetBlue airlines.
  • Under the manage trip option, you need to enter your booking number and the name of the traveler.

Then, you can add or modify various booking itineraries via Jetblue Airlines Manage Flight facility.

How to Manage Booking with Jetblue Airlines?

Once the reservation is made and confirmed, there may be situations in which the passenger is looking to make some changes, however, in case the reservation has been made on the official website or on the airline that is, changes such as dates, time and destination are allowed. Not only this one can also update the ticket through Manage Trip, please note the following points

  • Changes can be made up to two hours before flight departure and then after that, flight-related money will be forfeited despite the Government.
  • Passenger changes will be accompanied by the change in fare together with the fare difference and will depend on the type of ticket the passenger has purchased.
  • It is important to note that if there is a variation in the fare, whether it is a lesser amount compared to the original fare, no travel credit or refund will be given for the same fare.
  • Changes can be made from the original country and the passenger since the traveler must ensure that the passenger uses it within 6 months of the original flight ticket purchasing.
  • As the passenger makes voluntary changes to the itinerary, in this case, the pre-purchased food and the Passenger Upgrade products themselves are not transferable or refundable.

How to select a seat on Jetblue Airlines

  1. Find the account section on our website by clicking the "Login/Register" button in the upper right corner of any page on the Jetblue website.
  2. Log in or register with Jetblue passenger account passengers using the device selected by the Jetblue passenger. If a Jetblue passenger needs help with this step, see our guide to using the account section.
  3. After the Jetblue passenger has logged in to the system and is viewing the dashboard, go to the "Seat Selection" tab.
  4. After that, the Jetblue passenger will see the next Jetblue passenger flights, whose green tab indicates "No seat selected."
  5. Click on a flight for detailed information on a Jetblue passenger flight and click the "Select a Jetblue passenger seat" button.
  6. The Jetblue passenger will now be able to see a seat map, including available seats, features, and price. Simply press the seat to choose the preferred passenger seat. If the Jetblue passenger has a return flight, the Jetblue passenger will have to choose a location for each leg of the journey, so click "Next Flight" to switch to the return flight.
  7. The Jetblue passenger will then see information about the Jetblue passenger's flight with the selected seats. Press the "Make payment" button to enter the payment details of Jetblue passengers in the payment window.


Jetblue Airlines Manage Booking & Reschedule Flight Frequently Asked Questions

Jetblue offers the best class amenities before or after booking so if you have booked a ticket from JetBlue airways and before starting your journey, you need to find a perfect seat then, it can possible Jetblue manage the booking process, follow the below-mentioned instruction, and learn the seat selection process.

  1. First of all, visit the official website of Jetblue airways via any desired web browser.
  2. Select the ‘Manage Trip’ section and enter the ‘Confirmation Code’ & ‘Last Name’.
  3. Then, tap on the ‘Find Flight’ button and select your booking.
  4. Choose your seat as per suitability and make the final payment. (if it is required)
  5. Furthermore, passengers can easily choose or replace or upgrade seats using Jetblue manage booking option.

Alternatively, if the trip is booked seven or more days before departure, a JetBlue ticket change will be required within 24 hours of purchase. JetBlue change fees will not be estimated within 24 hours of purchase. Only fare difference applies.

As per the JetBlue flight change policy, the airline has refused to pay for the JetBlue change until 2021. For all rentals purchased on May 31st.

Yes, you can change your JetBlue reservation free of charge upon departure. According to JetBlue, if the flight policy is changed, passengers will have to make the change or cancel the request at least one hour before the scheduled departure of three hours prior to a local flight, and three hours prior to an international flight

Recent Comments:


Changing a reservation's date was something I assumed would be difficult... but it wasn't with Jetblue Airlines. Thank you so much!


Recently, my nephew had to change the flight return date in addition to the $ 200.00 fee, and Jetblue charged a $ 350.00 surcharge to be able to return to the US due to a delayed US visa. With Jetblue Manage Booking Option. It is a kind of snatch.


I thought a selection of seats is very time taking but it is not .. very easy steps to do so

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