Iberia Airlines Cancellation Policy

If your flight is canceled, this airline company keeps a policy to help the passengers on the next available departures. Under this circumstance, you are also eligible to make a refund request for the full refund or rebook your seat on an alternate flight. To do this, you either need to the airline's website or make a direct conversation with the reservation professionals. This service will be provided free of cost. If you want to change your name on your reservation, you won’t be welcomed by the airline authority. The airline company does not allow passengers to change their names after the reservation is done. Instead, it suggests them to be more attentive while filling up the passenger name. Today you get to know the process of canceling Iberia flights and the situations you need to face if Iberia canceled my flight.

  • The tickets of Iberia Airlines can easily be canceled through the official website.
  • You will get your refund in the original form of your ticket booking payment.
  • If it is booked with immediate payment, Iberia Airlines allows a passenger to cancel his/her ticket within 24 hours of the reservation, without cancellation fees.
  • Iberia Airlines processes the refund in the same way as the ticket was booked, whether it was booked online or through a travel agency.
  • Iberia cancellation fee depends on the plan of the fare chosen by the passenger. However, some cancellations are free, while some other imposes the passengers to pay cancellation fees.
  • The passengers whose flights have been canceled are eligible to get these three options – a refund, a voucher credit, and Postponing or flight rebooking.

How to cancel the Iberia Airlines flight ticket?

  1. Open the official website of Iberia Airlines
  2. Go to the upper bar and hover your mouse pointer on Flight section
  3. Go to the Bookings section and click on Manage Your Booking
  4. Here you will get a message as Access booking details (Must be the same as in the booking)
  5. Enter Passenger Surname and Booking Code
  6. Click on My booking is Air Shuttle box if it is necessary for you
  7. Then you will have to click on View Booking
  8. Now you will be able to cancel your reservation

Does Iberia Airlines cancel flights often?

A dream trip, whether it is a domestic trip or overseas trip, can transform into a nightmare when things don’t move according to our plan. Iberia Airlines does not cancel its flights until and unless any odd situation arises. In the case of odd situations, it provides alternate options to the air passengers, and that is too without Iberia cancellation fees. We have mentioned the entire range of situations when Iberia cancels flights in the next section.

Does Iberia Airlines give delay & cancellation compensation?

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Iberia Airlines cancellation policy for COVID 19

This air group, as per the Iberia Airlines cancellation policy, offers vouchers to its domestic and international passengers instead of refunds. A voucher has the advantage to allow the passengers to hold money and so help their cash flow. If you have booked your ticket between 1st March 2020 and 31st May 2020, you are eligible to get a voucher of the same amount which is valid until 31st March 2021. Plus, the given voucher will be used on more than one flight and there will be no restrictions regarding travel dates or destinations.

Iberia Airlines Cancellation Policy Frequently Asked Questions:

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