Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • Hawaiian Airlines allows you to cancel a flight ticket up to 24 hours before it departs. All online flight bookings i.e reservations made by website or app can be canceled online. However, to cancel a flight booking made by the travel agents, you have to contact the travel agency.
  • If you cancel a flight ticket on Hawaiian Airlines under 24 hours of its purchase, you won't see any kind of cancellation charge to cancel the flight tickets.
  • Also, when you cancel a flight booking made under 7 days of its departure, you would be required to pay the cancellation charges. Even if the flight cancellation is made within 24 hours of its booking.
    The cost to cancel Hawaiian Airlines flight may vary from flight to flight as it depends on several factors like the type of fare, destinations.
  • If your flight is refundable only then you can request a refund and once the refund is processed it will take 5 to 7 business days to get the money returned.
  • Also, when there's a delay in getting a refund, you will have to contact the bank, not the airline, the refund will be returned through the same mode of transaction.

How To Cancel Hawaiian Airlines Flight Ticket?

  1. You can follow the steps mentioned below to cancel your flight bookings on Hawaiian Airlines.
  2. You need to reach the homepage of Hawaiian Airlines.
  3. Then you need to choose the My Trips tab.
  4. Next, fill in the last name, confirmation code or e-ticket number, and click Continue.
  5. On the very next page, you would see the flight ticket details. You have to choose the option to cancel the bookings.
  6. After that, follow the instructions appearing on the screen and complete the flight cancellation process.

Moreover, when you cancel a flight ticket on Hawaiian Airlines, you must know the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy before doing so. And to help you with it, here are some important points that can save you from paying additional charges. So, go through them.

What Happens If Hawaiian Cancels A Flight And How Often Does Hawaiian Cancel Flights?

When Hawaiian Airlines cancels a flight due to any fault in their services and the airline is responsible for the cancellation, in such cases, the airline is liable to compensate the passengers. However, for natural calamities or situations beyond anyone's control like the corona pandemic, the flight cancellation won't let you claim the compensation for Hawaiian Airlines change flight.

In addition, it is not like the airline has a fixed pattern to cancel your flights. Rarely, you see a flight cancellation and that too gets compensated when it's the airline's fault.

Above all, if you have more queries and you want to know more about the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, you can contact the Hawaiian Airlines customer service to get all information.

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