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Delta Airlines is an American Airline. You can fly to various national and international destinations on a Delta Airline flight. Booking flight on Delta Airline is easy. You can book online on the website of the airline, on the mobile app. You can also call the airline booking number to book your reservation. If you are at an airport you can visit the ticket booking counter of Delta Airlines and book your flight reservations. For any help, you can seek Delta Airlines customer service. Now, after making reservations what if you have to make some changes in your reservation. For example, you have to add or remove one or more passengers from the list; you have to change the date of reservation and so on. If you have booked directly online from the Delta Airline and you want to know how to manage reservations with Delta Airlines booking then you can follow the below steps through Delta Airlines Manage Booking option

Steps to Manage Delta Airlines Booking:

  1. Open the official website of Delta Airlines
  2. Now, on the Home Page of the website, you will see the “My Trips” menu. You need to click on this menu.
  3. Now, you are prompted to enter “Confirmation Number”, “First Name” and “Last Name” under “Find Your Trip By” header.
  4. After you enter these details you need to click on the right arrow button next to “Last Name”.
  5. Now, you will see your flight booking details which you have made a reservation.
  6. Now, you can make changes as you require it here.

This is how you can do Delta Airlines managing booking online. You may have to pay some charge fees as applicable as well.

How can I find my trip and booking information?

one will be able to get more information regarding the trip by taking the steps as below

  • One will be required to on the official website page and then click on find trip
  • In the required field, you will be required to enter the details like First name, Last name and ticket number as the details have been entered successfully then click on Find My Trip.
  • In case one does not have the ticket number handy, you can then also find information regarding the trip with the help of conformation number, credit card number
  • In case if you are looking to make some changes then you will be required to follow on-screen instructions

Booking information – helps one in the following way

  • Booking a flight online
  • Fare classes and ticket
  • Optional fees and services

How To Seat Selection On Delta Airlines?

You want to select the seat of your choice. Once you have booked your reservation on Delta Airlines you can do seat selection Delta Airlines online. The process is the same as mentioned above. You can select a seat of your choice in Delta airline through the following steps.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Now click Find Trip > My Trips.
  3. You must now enter "First Name," "Last Name" and "Confirmation number." Confirmation number can be found in the confirmation receipt that you received after booking your reservation.
  4. Now, click on the “Find My Trip” button.
  5. You can also find your trip by “Credit/Debit card number” and “Ticket Number” option.
  6. Now, you will see seats available on the flight and you can choose seat/s of your choice if available else you need to choose from whatever is available.
  7. You can make payments for it through debit/credit card or internet banking.
  8. Now, you can confirm your seat by completing the payment and further process.

How To Reschedule Flight Ticket On Delta Airlines?

Sometimes while booking your reservation you are not aware of future events. Before you fly there might be some events that may prompt you to reschedule a flight. You can reschedule delta flight tickets online on through Find My Trip > My Trip section or in other words Delta Airlines manage booking option. You need to pay the change fee is applicable as per the airline fare category policy.

How to change the name on delta airlines flight tickets?

Did you book your flight ticket with Delta Airlines recently? And now you want to make some changes in your name that is mentioned in your flight ticket? Well, then you are not alone as many passengers just like you accidentally put their names incorrectly.

However, airlines like Delta Airlines let you make changes on its flight ticket without any issues. But before you Change the name on Delta Flight, you’ll need to keep some of the important guidelines that come with the name change process.

In addition, if you are also looking forward to changing your non-refundable Delta flight then in this article, you’ll be taken through all the information on both Delta Airlines' name change policy and Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Given below are the important guidelines that can help you to change the name on Delta Flight.

  • As per the Delta Airlines Correction Policy, the airline allows you to make name changes only after you have booked its flight tickets.
  • You can make changes in your name on the official Delta website or you can contact its reservation center and speak to the executives to get the proper assistance

Steps To Change Your Name On Delta Airlines Flight Ticket

Head over to the Delta Airlines homepage using your web browser
Head over to the My trips tab and then enter your booking confirmation number, you first & last name
Access your account and then switch to the Reservation Menu
Select the edit option to make changes in your name and then save your modifications

Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy Due To Name Mistake

Many Airlines change their flight schedule due to various reasons whether be it a technical issue or just a natural calamity. So if you have been wondering why Delta changed my flight then here’s what you can do then.

  • You can contact the airline’s reservation center and ask the executive to avail a refund for your flight if you deny boarding the changed flight
  • The refund can be availed within 90 minutes from your original schedule Delta departure

Change Delta Non-Refundable Flight Ticket Online

Before you change your non-refundable flight tickets, have a look at the Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy first to make your flight change easier.

  • If you wish to make a flight change, same-day standby or same-day change, you can do it in 24-hours-risk-free cancellation time to avoid any penalty
  • After the 24-hours-risk-free cancellation period, you’ll have to pay a flight change fee that can vary $200-500, depending on the destination location and fare difference

Steps To Change Delta Non-Refundable Flight Ticket Online

  1. On the official Delta Airlines website, select the My Trips tab
  2. Enter your booking reference number, first and last name and get access to your account
  3. Next, pick the booking that you need to change and click on 'Modify Flight'
  4. Now, click on 'Start Flight Change' and select a new flight
  5. Pay to confirm the new booking

Furthermore, if you have any other queries on Delta changed my flight, flight cancellation, or change policy then you can contact customer services to get any further help.

How can I check my PNR?

Traveler can check the same by being in touch with the expert at the call center or it can be checked online by taking the steps as

  1. You must be on the Delta Airlines official PNR inquiry page
  2. In the required field enter the details like First name, Last name, and the confirmation number as the details have entered hit on Find My Trip.
  3. One will be able to see the PNR and if still someone wants more clarification and call the customer service

How can I check my ticket number?

It is essential as with the help of the ticket number one can check-in online and it is even required to receive the mileage credit one can fetch the ticket number with the help of the following information

  • One should have as much information as confirmation number, flight number, flight date and time and then call the customer service number and the follow recorded prompts and you will then be able to connect to the operator and request for the ticket number and the same will be provided
  • One can also try to get the ticket number through SkyMiles Account and then hit on Manage My Account and you will be able to see all the registered flights by clicking on View Account Activity one will be able to see the registered flight and the one you have redeemed using the credit will have the ticket number

At any point while making the reservation or after the reservation is done if one feels the need to make any changes or want to get more clarification the help is just one call away and the expert will help you in every possible way.

For Instant Help, Contact Delta Airlines Customer Service

You can do all these on your own through the website of Delta Airlines. But if you need any help regarding any of the topics mentioned here or for any other things related to Delta Airline, you can seek support through Delta Airlines customer service.

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