Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy & Cancel Flight

Delta Airlines is one of the major and biggest airlines in the United States. It's well known for its amenities, premium services, and flexible rules. Due to any reason, if you have decided to cancel your booking so just read the Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy which will help with the booking cancellation.

Passengers looking for Delta airline's cancellation policy can easily get the same by reading this section of the tutorial. There is something called Delta risk-free cancellation which means if the passengers are getting their tickets canceled within 24 hours of booking then the passengers are liable to get a full refund in their account through which they have made the payment. But in case the passengers are getting their booking done after 24 hours of booking then some amount cancellation fee would be levied and the remaining amount would be refunded back on to the passengers' screen.

  • Generally, passengers can cancel their booking up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight time but, if any passenger wishes to save their cancellation charges or fees so just cancel the reservation within 24 hours of the departure time.
  • If the Delta Airlines Flight has canceled due to any emergency then, passengers will get the complete refund amount as compensation, and cancellation charges will not be applicable on the same.
  • According to the Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy, the refund request will take approximately 7 to 10 working days or depending on the payment mode. (After cancellation of the booking)
  • For some special cancellation cases such as passport theft under the airport, serious illness or injury, relative deaths, or others, Passengers need to submit a refund request application on the official website of Delta Airlines and get a full refund amount. (Conditions apply)

How to cancel Delta airlines flight tickets?

In case you are looking to cancel your Delta airlines flight ticket and are not aware of the process to do the same then there is an effective process through which users can easily do the same. Passengers of the airlines will either need to follow the step-by-step process for instant cancellation or they can also seek direct assistance from the qualified agents for quickly canceling the Delta airlines flight tickets. Passengers looking for instant cancellation can simply move down the tutorial and follow the below-mentioned step-by-step procedure to quickly cancel the Delta airlines flight tickets.

Steps to quickly cancel Delta airlines flight tickets:

  • Step 1: Logon to the travel portal through which the passengers have made their booking with the desire account username and account password in a browser of their choice.
  • Step 2: Once done then passengers will need to move on to the list of booked tickets and then select the ticket for which they are looking for cancellation.
  • Step 3: Passengers once selected then they can easily click on the cancel button and then the amount that is going to be refunded would be displayed on the screen.

What is Delta Airlines' 24 Hour Cancellation Policy?

Delta Airlines also introduced their 24 Hours cancellation rules where any traveler can avail of the benefits of the cancellation if he/she follows their cancellation policy incorrect manner.

  • Passengers can cancel their flight reservation by the delta airlines website or its official application.
  • If any passengers want to save their cancellation charges or other penalty so just cancel their reservation 24 hours before the departure.
  • As per the Delta Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation rules, if any passenger is in a critical situation such as major injury or illness, or other, just cancel the flight before departure and get the full refund amount without any cancellation charges meanwhile the 24 hours rules will not be applicable on such conditions, but they have submitted the document to the concerned authority.
  • The cancellation charges of Delta airlines will vary from passenger to passenger, and it will depend on the duration, class, distance, time, or other major factors.

According to the Delta Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation policy, if any traveler submits their cancellation requests within 24 hours of the departure of the flight then 200 to 500 US dollars will be applicable as Delta Airlines cancellation fees per person.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Fees:

  • Delta Airlines Cancellation charges vary from passenger to passenger and it considers the distance, duration, class, time, or another major factor. There are some standards for cancellation fees offered by Delta Airlines such as:
  • Passengers have to pay 200 US dollars to 500 US dollars as a Delta Airlines Cancellation Fees if they cancel their booking after 24 hours of the departure of the flight time.
  • Therefore, the cancellation charges are not fixed so before starting the cancellation procedure of the Delta Airlines flight, just connect with Delta Airlines cancellation number for the complete & latest information.
Time Period Economy Tickets Non Refundable Tickets Refundable Tickets
During 24-hour risk-free cancellation Zero Cancellation Fee Zero Cancellation Fee Zero Cancellation Fee
After 24-hour risk-free cancellation Not Allowed $0 to $500(Location-wise) Easily Refundable
Within 24 hours of flight Not Allowed $0 to $500(Location-wise) Easily Refundable

Delta Airlines Cancellation policy for illness or death

Booking with world-famous low-cost carrier Delta and wishes to cancel the reservation due to some health emergency or death the airline provides the best cancelation policy to its travel aspirants. Here are some details about Delta Airlines Cancellation policy due to illness or death:

  • If any travel aspirants cancel their reservation with Delta due to some health emergency within 24 hours of their reservation the Airline will refund the booking amount.
  • As per delta Airline Cancelation policy, if any travel aspirants cancel their reservation due to Death or some health emergency and they hold travel insurance, the travel aspirants or co-insurer will be refunded the amount paid for the reservation.

Delta Airlines cancellation policy for bad weather

  • As per the Delta airline cancelation policy, if the airline will cancel the flight due to bad weather the travel aspirants will get the full refund without deducting the cancelation fee.
  • The airline also may provide an alternative flight with the same destination without any charge or the airline will offer some food or drink offer, if the flight is delayed due to bad weather. If the traveler wants to cancel the reservation can request for cancellation.

For further details, Contact Delta Airlines Cancellation Number

The exact amount of Delta flight cancellation compensation would be displayed on the screen and passengers can expect the same amount to be credit within the bank within the specified timelines as per the banks' norms and policies. For any further passengers can seek assistance from the toll-free number which is available all through the day and all through the year solely to assist in the best possible manner and resolve the same in the first go itself

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy & Cancel Flight Frequently Asked Questions

If you change or cancel your flight, you can easily apply for a return flight, and in case of a flight change, you can choose the change of your choice.

Yes, you can be fully reimbursed for any Delta flight ticket at midnight the day after purchase, even if you haven't refunded the non-refundable fare if there are more than 7 days left on the date of departure.

You can cancel your flight in accordance with Delta's 24-hour cancellation policy or say 24 hours after your scheduled departure.

To cancel your flights, enter your name confirmation number, then cancel your e-ticket. The refund is automatically applied to the original payment horse.

If you purchased your ticket in person at a Delta box office or airport ticket office and were charged a direct ticket fee, you will need to email your receipt number to receive a refund.

Delta airline cancellation fees start at $200 depending on your flight type, ticket and other items.

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Delta's cancellation policy is fantastic. They adjusted their policies to support clients during this covid situation. I purchased a ticket with no refund policy, but due to personal issues, I opted to cancel it. Within a year of the initial ticket date, the corporation offered the chance to rebook tickets.


Since I am fully aware of Delta Airlines' cancellation policy, I can cancel my ticket booking within 24 hours of purchasing it. My tickets are not eligible but I have to cancel my tickets due to some urgent work. So is there any way you can help me get at least some money as compensation?


Can I get a full refund when I cancel my delta airlines flight ticket due to corona virus situation?

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