Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy

Cathay Pacific is also known as Cathay, the airline is the flag carrier of Hong Kong. The airlines provide their services in 79 destinations. In terms of sale, the airline is the world’s largest and in terms of market capitalization it is the fourteen largest, one can get the reservation done either over the web or by calling the reservation. The airlines also offer frequent flyer program by the name of Asian Miles and Marco Polo Club.

Cathay Pacific 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Once the reservation is done if by any means you feel the need to cancel the reservation the same can be done if one is aware of the policy and the procedure

  • If the cancellation is done within 24 hours of the booking one will be able to get a complete refund.
  • If the cancellation is done after 24 hours of the booking one will be required to pay the charges for the same and it usually depends on the departure and arrival point

Process –

  • One has to be on the official page and look for the option of Manage Booking
  • In the required field enter the details as to ticket number and the last name
  • Among the options, one can see click on cancel depending on the type of ticket one can also apply for the refund.

What happens if Cathay Pacific cancels a flight and how often does Cathay Pacific cancel flights

As we all know that Cathay Pacific is an airline of Hong Kong however as provide services in Europe then they comply with the regulations of Europe and as per the policy because of the last-minute cancellation they airlines will be required to pay the price

One can also be given the option to fly with the alternate flight or one wants a refund that is what traveler can take a call on however if the cancellation is done less than14 days from the scheduled departure and the departure was supposed to happen from the European Airport then as per the regulation one might be able to get the refund up to the US $700 per individual

In case you were offered an alternate flight which would land at the same time then one will not be getting the compensation

How often does Cathay Pacific cancel flights?

The cancellation does not happen quite often however in certain situations like bad weather, political strike, medical emergency, and any troublesome event which may affect the operation of the airport and so forth.

Cathay Pacific Customer Service

In case one is baffled about anything there is nothing to worry you can simply get the clarification or rather help from the specific department by calling them on the toll-free number and the expert will ensure that the matter is taken care of.

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