British Airways Manage My Booking & Change Flight

The airline is the flag carrier of the United Kingdom and also the second-largest airline in the United Kingdom on the basis of fleet size and the number of passengers carried. The airline covers 183 destinations. British Airways has its headquarter in London, England, UK. The airline runs frequent flyer programs by the name of the Executive Club or Avios. One can get the reservation online or by calling the reservation number.

British Airways Manage Booking Process

Once the reservation, if you are looking to make changes to the service, it can be done online through Manage booking by accessing it as

  1. One has to be on the official webpage and look for the option of Manage
  2. In the required field enter the details as Booking reference and the Last name it will be 6 characters’ combination of letters and numbers
  3. If you are a member and have the details on, you will have the booking reference number already listed

Once you are in below is the list

  • Can view the details
  • Can see the details regarding the seat and the meal ordered
  • If one has not done the selection for the seat and the meal can do so
  • You can also give the required details regarding the personal information
  • Apply for ESTA in case you are traveling to the US or Puerto Rico
  • Can email the itinerary to others
  • Can see the details regarding Check-in
  • Cam print the boarding pass
  • Fetch the details regarding the baggage
  • One can also reschedule the flight and even one is looking for upgrading the cabin class.
  • If need be can place in a request for the refund

What are the services that can be managed in a booked flight ticket of British airlines?

When it comes to managing the booking in British airlines there are many of the passengers that are keen to know about the services that can be availed through the same. We are here to resolve your problem and give you a complete understanding of the services that can be availed through British manage booking. The points mentioned below will help the passengers quickly figure out the same on an immediate basis without any hassles or second thought.

Different services can be availed through the manage booking option of British airlines after successfully booking the flight

  • Change or modify the date of travel
  • Cancel the flight tickets on an instant basis
  • Change or upgrade the seats on an instant basis
  • Book meals and avail other hospitality services

How to seat Selection On British Airways?

While doing the reservation if one has not selected the same can do so through Manage booking by taking the steps as

  1. Initially, log in to Manage My Booking
  2. Now Under the option of Your booking details hit on flight number
  3. Under Seating look for the option View or change seats for this flight
  4. Among the listed options select the seat
  5. If required, then make the payment

By taking the steps as above, you have moved one step ahead for making your travel more comfortable

British Airways Flight Change Policy

If anyone wants to save their change charges or penalty so just change their reservation within 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight time then, the change charges are not applicable for each ticket. The change charges are not fixed and It will consider the duration, distance, class, or another major factor.

British Airways Change Flight Policy for Same Day Reschedule:

  • Passengers are permitted to change only travel days and all the changes will confirm up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight time.
  • According to the British Airways flight change policy, the change services are only applicable on long-haul flights and passengers.
  • Passengers can only change their flight on the official website of British airways or its application.
  • There are not any standards charges for the flight changes and if the new flight ticket is less than the previous flight then, the rest of the amount will consider as a future trip.

How to Change British Airways Flight?

Passengers can change the date or time of the flight before starting departure and it can possible only by the British Airways Manage Booking option. Just follow the below-given steps.

  1. First of all, just visit the official website of British Airways via any web browser.
  2. Tap on the ‘Manage’ section and enter the ‘Booking Reference Number’ & ‘Last Name’ of the passenger.
  3. Click on the ‘Find My Booking’ button and choose your reservation.
  4. Select the ‘Change/Reschedule’ option & pick a new flight as per your choice.
  5. Make the final payment via a suitable payment mode. (If it required there)

How to reschedule flight tickets on British Airways?

Yes we know each one wants to spend money wisely, keeping this in mind if need be due to any given situation you have the option to make changes by following the procedure as

  • Ensure you are on the official page
  • The listed option click on manage
  • In the given field then enter the details as Booking Reference and Last name and then hit on finding my booking
  • If you can make the changes then only you will be able to see the option to change or cancel the flight by clicking on the flight change option
  • As per the requirement select the date or the destination to make the changes
  • Among the available option make the selection as per the convenience and you will be given the details regarding the payment what extra needs to be paid
  • Once all the action will be taken, you will be getting the confirmation through email

If you are baffled and wanted help from the expert, then the help is just a call away and the expert at their end will ensure that it is taken care of with utmost priority.

British Airways Manage My Booking & Change Flight Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers can easily choose their seat on the duration of flight ticket but in case, passengers didn’t pick the seat while reservation then, they can select their seat British manage booking process. Just see the below-given steps for the seat selection process:

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of British Airways using any web browser.
  2. Then, tap on the ‘Manage’ section.
  3. Enter the ‘Booking Reference Number’ & ‘Last Name’ of the passenger.
  4. Next, click on the ‘Find My Booking’ button.
  5. Select your reservation and choose your seat as per choice.
  6. Make the payment. (If it is required)
  7. Therefore, passengers can simply choose their seats using the British Manage Booking option.

There can be no set fee for the flight conversion service because it is completely dependent on the type of ticket / fare purchased. If a passenger purchases a ticket directly from British Airways, he or she can cancel any British ticket within 24 hours of purchase.

You have 48 hours before the scheduled departure time to adjust your reservation on After that, you must contact us or go to the Yatra Store to make changes. All modifications must be made within 14 days of the departure period that was originally scheduled.

If you have a British Airways ticket and need to change your flight due to unforeseen circumstances, go to the British Airways booking site. Your booked ticket details flight can be changed by airlines. Select the flight that best meets your requirements. If the new flight ticket is more costly than the initial flight booking, you must pay the fare difference.

If you have booked your ticket with British Airways and you wish to delay your ticket due to unavoidable circumstances, go to the booking section of British Airways Change your booked ticket information Choose the flight that suits your needs. If the new flight ticket is more expensive than the original flight booking then you will have to pay the difference in fare.

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Due to some work, I wanted to fly to the UK for a few days, to my surprise when I called the British booking team where they actually helped me manage my ticket with the British Manage booking option to fill it Off.


If you booked your flight ticket with British Airways and need to update the information on your booked ticket or choose a flight that meets your needs due to unforeseen circumstances, go to the British Airways manage booking section and change the information on your booked ticket. If the new flight ticket is more expensive than the original flight booking, you must pay the difference in charge.


I'm having trouble finding my trip; after entering all of my details, including my name and confirmation, when I click on the Find My Trip option, it gives me an error. I've been trying for 30 minutes, and I'd appreciate it if you could assist me.


Due to some work I wanted to fly to British for a few days, I was surprised when I called the British Reservation Team, where they actually helped manage my ticket with British Manage Booking Option, to refill it.


there is so much competition for window i but they make it very easy and helpfull

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