Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy

Want to cancel your Breeze Airways flight ticket but are concerned about Breeze airways cancellation fees? Don’t worry; we are here to assist you!! Most of us are confused with the changes made in the airline’s policy after Covid. But the fact is cancelling a flight now has become easier and more beneficial than before. How? Let’s have a look!!

Breeze Airways 24 hours Cancellation Rules

  • The Breeze airways 24-hour cancellation policy remains unchanged under which no cancellation fee was charged if the booking was made at least 7 days before the departure and cancelled within 24 hours of making a reservation.
  • Whether you cancel a refundable fare or non-refundable fare under the 24-hour rule, a 100% refund will be provided but this applies only to the bookings that are made from/to the US and when the tickets were purchased directly from the airport.
  • The 24-hour cancellation rule may not apply on the flights that don’t fly from/to the US. Hence, you need to be careful while cancelling your flight.

Breeze Airways Cancellation Fee

  • For cancellations made outside of 24 hours policy, the airlines used to charge a fee of $45-$150 based on the type of ticket the passenger owns.
  • Moreover, no refund was provided on non-refundable fares. But now after Covid, if you cancel the reservation beyond 24 hours policy, the amount of your ticket (both refundable and non-refundable ticket) will be converted into Breeze points that can be re-used for the new booking for travelling up to 1 year from the date of the original booking.
  • However, in the case of non-refundable fares, the airline may or may not charge a nominal cancellation fee depending on the circumstances under which the flight was cancelled.
  • But even if the airline does charge a fee, then you can still use the balance amount in the form of Breeze points which is much better when there was no refund on non-refundable fares.

Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy Frequently Asked Questions

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After receiving an interrupted flight cancellation online, I called Breeze Airways was requested to cancel within 24 hours. Michelle, the airline representative, assisted me in completing my cancellation in accordance with Breeze Airways' cancellation policy.

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