Avianca Airlines Cancellation Policy

Avianca Airlines is the most flexible cancellation and change policies as compares to another airline. Booked and purchased a ticket through "”, should be canceled by the passengers within 24 hours. As per Avianca Cancellation Policy, the passenger is allowed to cancel their flight booking with Avianca Air anytime at least 120 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time. Otherwise, the travelers will be charged for the flight cancellation fee, as fees will depend on the airline flight routes and destination.

Avianca Cancellation Policy in 24 hours After booking: -

According to Avianca Cancellation Policy in 24 Hours, passengers can be canceling flight tickets within 24 hours of their purchasing tickets, delivering the flight was reserved as a minimum of 7 days earlier the scheduled departure. Then you will not require to pay the cancellation fee, and also the full amount will be credited to your bank account.

But, in case if passengers as you are canceling the flight after 24 hours, then they will require to pay some cancellation fee, which depends upon the destination routes. If travelers canceling the flight booked within the 7 days of flight departure, then they will be required to charge a few cancellation fees.

How to Cancel Avianca Flight?

Avianca Air always popular known for its facilities. So, if you want to cancel your booked airline tickets for any reason. Then follow the steps defined below to easily do it.

Simple steps to Cancel Avianca Flight: -

  1. Go to the official website of Avianca Airlines.
  2. Go to your Booking section.
  3. Enter your name and Code of Reservation.
  4. Tab on the “Submit” button
  5. You will able to see your booking details along with other options.
  6. Then click on the “CANCEL” option that ticket you wish to cancel and then confirm the cancellation option.
  7. To complete the procedure follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. Now you will obtain a confirmation email or message for confirming the same.

In this way, you can easily cancel flight tickets.

What Happens If Thai Cancels A Flight and How Often Does Avianca Cancel Flights?

If a passenger's flight, for which they hold a valid reservation is canceled, or if Thai Cancels A Flight then they are permitted to request a refund for the full amount. But, in case if the passenger itself cancels the flight and has been not informed about cancellation to the airline, then they have no right to request compensation.

Consequently, Avianca Airlines doesn’t cancel Flights or in any situation often Airlines Cancel Flights, so in case of Airlines will provide the facility to passengers like giving re-routing flight, refund and reimbursement.

Avianca Airlines Refund Policy

Refunds are important to every passenger as they don’t want to lose their important money which they spent purchasing flight tickets. However, it is important to understand there return policy of the airline with which you have purchased your flight tickets.

When it comes to the Avianca refund policy, the airline provides you the returns on its eligible flight tickets. However, passengers have to submit the refund request to the airline including proper valid documentation. Hence, read further to know about the important guidelines and processes on Avianca Air.

Refund Policy Of Avianca Airlines: Important Guidelines

  • Avianca Airlines provides you a full refund on its cancellation made within 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure
  • If the cancellation is made beyond the risk-free period then Avianca will impose its administrative fee to make the return
  • The administrative fee will vary from $25-$150 depending on the type of ticket fare and other details
  • If you are traveling on an Avianca non-refundable ticket then you can reschedule your flight ticket to avoid cancellation and fees or you can make a refund request for getting unused taxes back into your account.

Refunds are only eligible on Avianca flight tickets

  • In case, if you want to make a refund request for a LifeMiles ticket then you must contact customer services to make the return request.
  • Now, have a look at the steps mentioned below to make a refund request on the airline’s official website.

Steps To Make Refund On Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airlines provides you two types of refund - Involuntary refunds and Voluntary returns. The Involuntary returns can be withdrawn as the travel credits that can be used for making further reservations. However, Voluntary refunds can be received by processing a return request to the airline. Here’s how.

  • Head over to the Avianca Airlines official website and then switch to the “Menu” section from the homepage
  • Now, you’ll be navigated to the login page, where you can enter your login credentials to get access to your account
  • Next, hit the ‘Refunds’ option and then select the cancellations tab
  • Here scroll to the request refund section for making a return or cancellation request
  • Next, enter the ‘Ticket payment method’ and ‘Ticket number’ in the relevant boxes and then hit the “Access” button.
  • Now, pick the ticket that you wish to cancel and then hit the cancel button then check all the terms and conditions given as per the Avianca return policy.

Hence, the refund amount should get transferred to the original mode of payment. However, if you have any questions/doubts then you can contact the reservation center of the airlines to get more information on the Avianca Airlines return policy.

Further, contact the airline customer service team for more information about the Avianca flight Cancellation Policy, Refund, Baggage allowance, or any other questions.

Avianca Airlines Cancellation Policy Frequently Asked Questions:

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the only thought comes into mind after the cancellation of tickets is the refund and the steps are very easy


The cancellation Policy Feature of Avianca Airlines is highly remarkable to mention. Once I accidentally booked and reserved the wrong flight. And for a different place. They not only helped me over the phone and their easy-going and descriptive features in the application helped me a lot to save my hard-earned money. And get my refund back with all the taxes. Cheers to Avianca Airlines.

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