American Airlines Pet Policy and Reservations

American Airlines Pet Policy and Reservations

Planning for Travel with Your Pet on American Airlines? Don’t worry because American airlines to allow to travel pets in carrier and cargo at a very affordable price, but before booking travelers have to follow American Airlines Pet Policy accurately. Get accurate information about it, just see the below steps:

  • According to the American Airlines Pet Policy, pets are allowed to travel with a passenger cabin. the pet weight should not exceed 20 pounds and
  • The pet shouldn’t be aggressive, harmful, and dangerous and passengers have to aware of the animal rules and regulations of American airlines.
  • The Kennels should be made through the wood, plastic, or similar material and the kennels should be ventilated and waterproof.
  • The passengers have to submit the booking of the pet in advance.

What’s about the Pet Health certificate?

The health certificate shows the disease, tag, bread, vaccination, and other relevant information about the pet but before pet reservations with American airlines, passengers have to submit a health certificate to the airport authority and that should be verified by a veterinary doctor.

In-Cabin American Pet Policy:

  • Only one pet is allowed in one kennel and a single ticket.
  • The pet weight doesn’t exceed 20 pounds.
  • The pet can be a dog, cat, rabbit, or bird.
  • Under the In-Cabin American Pet Policy, the kennel size exceeds 40 x 27x 30 inches according to the (length x width x height).

How to Make Pet Reservations with American Airlines?

  1. Just visit the official website of American airlines.
  2. Then, choose your source and destination place.
  3. After then, select your journey date and number of travelers.
  4. Then, select a suitable flight from the list.
  5. Before, payment just adds the space of the pet.
  6. Finally, make the payment.

If you are not getting the option of booking for your pet or space so just contact American Airlines' phone number and provide the information about the pet and submit the document and then, you will get confirmation about pet reservations with American airlines.

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