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It is an American low-cost airline, the airlines operate both scheduled and charter flights. The airline is the 9th largest commercial airline in the US. The airline is located in Summerlin, Nevada, as another airline one can get the reservation done either online or it can be done by calling the reservation number. This blog will learn about the Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy.

As a traveler, if you can cancel the booking within 24 hours of your booking you will get a complete refund however if your flight's departure is scheduled within one week in this case no credit will be given.

If you have booked the ticket with Trip Flex protection-

  • If you cancel the booking, then you will be granted the credit after the deduction of carrier charges, and the rest of the amount will be given as non-refundable credit which can be used for future travel with the airlines
  • Trip Flex can make these changes as date, flight or even the destination following certain guidelines and you will not be charged any fee or in other words the cancellation fee however it is applicable only for one time.

If you have booked the ticket without Trip Flex

  • If you cancel the ticket then you will be required to pay fees amounting to $75.00 which is applicable for each passenger and the return will be given minus the deduction and the refund will be given as nonrefundable credit which can be used for future, you will be not eligible for any refund in case of No Show or if one as requested for the cancellation within the span of 7 days of flight departure.

How to Cancel the flight with Allegiant Ticket?

Yes, as travel this is something the last thing to do however one has to take the steps as below in order to get the cancellation done

  1. One has to be on the official website of the airlines, if you have an account login or otherwise click on the option Manage Travel and you will be required to enter the details as – First Name, Last Name, the Confirmation number and then click on Find my trip
  2. Now select the trip you want to cancel the trip by clicking Cancel Booking
  3. Now you be will be asked to confirm that you are looking to cancel the reservation, once you click confirm and it will be canceled, you will be getting the voucher after the deduction if applicable which can be used for the upcoming travels with the airline

Allegiant Airlines' 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Get the complete information about the Allegiant Airlines cancellation policy and save much more money with very little effort.

  • Usually, passengers are permitted to cancel their booking up to 2 hours of the booking or scheduled departure of the flight but anyone wants to save their cancellation charges or fees then, cancel Allegiant Airlines flight ticket reservation within 24 hours and get the full refund amount.
  • Passengers can also purchase the trip protection plan from the official website of Allegiant airlines and save 75 dollars for every ticket.
  • The cancellation is only done via the official website & mobile application of Allegiant airlines, authorized reservation center, and registered travel agent.
  • On the duration of the cancellation, passengers can’t apply any promotional offer or voucher on the booked ticket.
  • According to the Allegiant airlines 24 Hours cancellation policy, the charges of cancellation can waive off on certain conditions such as death, serious illness & theft of the passport.
  • If the passenger holds the non-refundable ticket then, he/she will also be eligible for the complete refund but, the passenger has to cancel their booked ticket 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight time.

Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Fees:

The cancellation charges of the Allegiant airlines are not fixed and it considers the distance, duration, class, or other major factors but there are some standards and flat cancellation charges where passengers need to pay 75 dollars Allegiant airlines Cancellation Fees per passenger.

But, in case if your flight has been delayed more than 5 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight time then, you can request the cancellation without any cancellation charges.

What happens when Allegiant cancels a flight and how often does Allegiant Cancels flights

If the airline cancels the flight in any given circumstances, then the airlines will make all the necessary efforts either to reschedule the flight and arrange alternate transportation will issue credit vouchers or refund which will all depend on the availability of the flight and even considering other factors as well.

This does not happen very often however the airline cannot control natural calamities, weather conditions, and so forth.

Allegiant Air Cancellation Refund Policy

When it comes to the Allegiant Airlines refund policy, the airline is quite reliable and safe with its guidelines on refunds and cancellation, So, if you have recently booked your flight tickets with this airline then here’s what you need to know to make your Allegiant cancellation less troubling.

  • Allegiant Air provides a full return on its cancellation made within 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure
  • In the event, if the passengers make their cancellations after the 24 hours grace period then a return will be provided but after deducting the cancellation penalty
  • Passengers can make their online cancellation on the official website of Allegiant Air and the same applies to requesting refunds as well
  • Allegiant Airlines refund policy is not applicable on the airline’s non-refundable flights
  • However, if you are traveling on non-refundable flight tickets then the airline will provide you a credit voucher if you cancel your flight tickets after the 24 hours grace period. You can use the credit voucher to make any further Allegiant Airlines bookings

Now that you know about the refund policy of the airline, it is also important to understand how to apply for a return on Allegiant Air. Here’s how.

Steps To Make Refund Request On Allegiant Air On Its Official Website

You can follow the steps mentioned below on how to get a refund from Allegiant Airlines.

  1. Use your web browser to visit the Allegiant Air official website and then scroll to the “Manage Travel” tab
  2. Next, submit your first & last names and the booking confirmation number, and then hit the “Find my trip” button to fetch your booking details
  3. Now, select the canceled trip or ticket button to make a cancellation and then provide the reason for your cancellation and then hit the confirm option button
  4. Now follow the onscreen instructions to make a return request for your canceled flight ticket and then fill out the return form by providing all the necessary details

Contact Customer Services For Further Information On Cancellation Policy: Allegiant Air

Moreover, if you have any queries or feedback regarding your Allegiant Air booking then you can contact Allegiant Airlines customer service and talk to the professionals.

Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy 800-364-9405 Cancel Flight Frequently Asked Questions

It would be that the first time that you may have encountered a situation where your flight automatically got canceled by Allegiant air. You must be worried as to what happens next when Allegiant air cancels a flight. If that is so then throw away your worries straightway as there is a complete procedure that Allegiant air will need to follow as mentioned below.

  • In case nothing is done from the passenger's end Allegiant air automatically cancels the itinerary and a credit voucher equivalent to the amount paid will be issued.
  • Passengers can move to the Manage my Booking section and from there they can also cancel the flight to get a full refund or they can reschedule the flight according to a date and time of their choice without paying anything extra.

If it's been less than 24 hours since you bought the ticket, you can still pay for it for free. If it has been more than 24 hours since you made your reservation on Allegiant, you must cancel it or you will be charged $ 75 per fare per segment.

If you wish to cancel your reservation, a price of $ 75.00 will be charged for each route, as well as a loan cancellation cost for each segment, which will be taken from the carrier price. The remaining funds will be put towards future travels with Allegiant Travel as a non-repayable loan item.

You can get a full refund if you cancel online or inform us within 24 hours of your purchase, as long as the scheduled departure time is at least one week (168 hours) at the time of booking. After the first 24 hours, tickets are non-refundable.

The Allegiant Flight Cancellation Policy allows you to either cancel your flight select a refund or change your travel dates if the cities (seat types) remain the same then travel without charge.

If you book 7 or more days before departure, the Allegiant Air cancellation policy allows you to cancel flights within 24 hours without penalty.

You can contact customer care by calling Allegiant Air Cancellation Super flexible support system available 24/7 to help you clear all your doubts from cancellation of tickets to avail all services without any difficulty Will happen.

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I live in the city of Chicago. I needed to cancel tickets, but I had booked them 24 hours and 25 minutes previously. I was terrified, but Allegiant Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation policy, compared to other airlines' 24-hour policy, which restored my smile.


Our reservations are made under Ralph Zinecker. We are seniors, booking for unnecessary travel. In case of virus risk, we now demand a cancellation refund. It has been suggested by our governor and other officials. It was a trip to a family with kids. Please consider this request. Reply to this email. Money is necessary for elderly people.


I had planned a flight with Allegiant Air, but I need to cancel it due to a change in plans. So, what will be my cancellation fee if I cancel my tickets.


I have always flown with Allegiant Airlines with I fly frequently. Fearing Coronavirus. Having read that there would be no penalty for canceling the Allegiant flight, I tried to send an email by calling to confirm. I am happy to write this review now that I have received a letter from them stating that there will be no penalty for cancellation.


I decided to book my flight ticket through Allegiant, but unfortunately due to some work, I had to cancel my flight ticket. So the Allegiant Cancellation team helped us to cancel the ticket and start making payments to my bank.


before this, I don't know it was so easy to get a refund

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