Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy

It is an American low-cost airline, the airlines operate both scheduled and charter flights. The airline is the 9th largest commercial airline in the US. The airline is located in Summerlin, Nevada, as another airline one can get the reservation done either online or it can be done by calling the reservation number.

As a traveler, if you can cancel the reservation within 24 hours of your booking you will get the complete refund however if your flight's departure is scheduled within one week in this case no credit will be given.

If you have booked the ticket with Trip Flex protection-

  • If you cancel the reservation, then you will be granted the credit after the deduction of carrier charges and the rest of the amount will be given as non-refundable credit which can be used for the future travel with the airlines
  • Trip Flex can make these changes as date, flight or even the destination following certain guidelines and you will not be charged any fee or in other words the cancellation fee however it is applicable only for one time.

If you have booked the ticket without Trip Flex

  • If you cancel the ticket then you will be required to pay fees amounting to $75.00 which is applicable for each passenger and the refund will be given minus the deduction and the refund will be given as nonrefundable credit which can be used for future, you will be not eligible for any refund in case of No Show or if one as requested for the cancellation within the span of 7 days of flight departure.

How to Cancel the flight with Allegiant Ticket?

Yes, as travel this is something the last thing to do however one has to take the steps as below in order to get the cancellation done

  1. One has to be on the official website of the airlines, if you have an account login or otherwise click on the option Manage Travel and you will be required to enter the details as – First Name, Last Name, the Confirmation number and then click on Find my trip
  2. Now select the trip you want to cancel the trip by clicking Cancel Booking
  3. Now you be will be asked to confirm that you are looking to cancel the reservation, once you click confirm and it will be canceled, you will be getting the voucher after the deduction if applicable which can be used for the upcoming travels with the airline

What happens when Allegiant cancels a flight and how often does Allegiant Cancels flights

If the airline cancels the flight in any given circumstances, then the airlines will make all the necessary efforts either to reschedule the flight and arrange alternate transportation will issue credit vouchers or refund which will all depend on the availability of the flight and even considering other factors as well.

This does not happen very often however the airlines cannot control the natural calamities, weather conditions and so forth.

Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy

Passengers often cancel their flight tickets or sometimes face cancellations from the airlines. But what’s more worrying is the refund amount they see for post their flight cancellations. In such situations, they do not only get worried about their refund amount but also sometimes feel helpless while they look for getting their valuable amount refunded. This is the reason that every airline provides its refund and cancellation policies to make such worries go away and help its passengers with their unwanted flight cancellations.

When it comes to the Allegiant Airlines refund policy, the airline is quite reliable and safe with its guidelines on refunds and cancellations, So, if you have recently booked your flight tickets with this airline then here’s what you need to know to make your Allegiant cancellations less troubling.

  • Allegiant Air provides a full refund on its cancellation made within 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure
  • In the event, if the passengers make their cancelations after the 24 hours grace period then refund will be provided but after deducting the cancellation penalty
  • Passengers can make their online flight cancellations on the official website of Allegiant Airlines and same applies for requesting refunds as well
  • Allegiant Airlines refund policy is not applicable on the airline’s non-refundable flights
  • However, if you are traveling on non-refundable flight tickets then the airline will provide you a credit voucher if you cancel your flight tickets after the 24 hours grace period. You can use the credit voucher to make any further Allegiant flight bookings

Now that you know about the refund policy of the airline, it is also important to understand how to apply for a refund on Allegiant Airlines. Here’s how.

Steps To Make Refund Request On Allegiant Air On Its Official Website

  1. You can follow the steps mentioned below on how to get a refund from Allegiant Airlines.
  2. Use your web browser to visit the Allegiant Airlines official website and then scroll to the “Manage Travel” tab
  3. Next, submit your first & last names and the booking confirmation number and then hit the “Find my trip” button to fetch your booking details
  4. Now, select the canceled trip or ticket button to make cancellations and then provide the reason for your cancellation and then hit the confirm option button
  5. Now follow the onscreen instructions to make a refund request for your canceled flight ticket and then fill out the refund form by providing all the necessary details

Contact Customer Services For Further Information On Refund Policy: Allegiant Air

Moreover, if you have any queries or feedback regarding your Allegiant Air flight booking then you can contact the Allegiant Airlines customer service and talk to the professionals.




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