Alaska Airlines Pet Policy and Reservations

If you are pet lovers and want to travel with your lovely pet so don’t worry about it because this is possible with Alaska airlines. But you have to follow Alaska Airlines Pet Policy in a proper manner. To get full information about it, just see the below presented steps.

What Is Alaska Airlines Pet Policy?

  • Alaska Airlines will take extra charges if the passenger will travel with pets.
  • Pet should be a minimum 10-week-old for domestic travel and a minimum 16-week-old for international travel.
  • The Alaska airlines offer the cabin which will be fit your pet and it will under the seat.
  • The reservation is allowed only for dogs and pets for the same airlines.

In-Cabin Alaska Pet Policy:

  • Passengers should give a $100 fee for every cabin.
  • The travelers can take a maximum of two cabins for two travel on their one journey.

Cabin Size:

  • Hard-sided Cabin Size: 7.5″x11″x17″ (LXWXH)
  • Soft-sided Cabin Size: 9.5″ Length X11″ Width x17″ Height under the Cabin Alaska Pet Policy.

Important of Health Certificate of the Pet:

  • According to the Alaska airlines pet policy, passengers have to submit a health certificate to the airline authority.
  • The health certificate will confirm the pet age and bread.
  • The health documents should be approved by a certified veterinary doctor.

How to Make Pet Reservations with Alaska Airlines?

The Alaska Airlines Pet Reservations are only available before 24 hours and a maximum of 30 days before the scheduled departure of the flight.
To get an instant reservation, passengers have to contact Alaska Airlines' customer service team via phone number for domestic and international travel.
Provide the full information about your journey details and then, book a space for your pet.

Is Alaska Airlines Safe for Pets?

Before traveling, you have to ask about it your veterinarian doctor for the present condition of the pet, climate issues, feeding issues, weather issues, and other disease problems. If your pet is not suffering any disease so simply Alaska airlines will take care of it.

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy and Reservations Frequently Asked Questions:

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as a dofg lover i was concerned about his safety and handelling but they are good with pets

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