Aeromexico Cancellation Policy & Cancel Flight

Aeromexico is an airline based in Mexico, and it provides scheduled services to more than 90 destinations. However, due to unexpected situations, if you need to cancel the Aeromexico air ticket. Then luckily you can do it simply. Thus, reading the below-given steps will help to quickly cancel the airline ticket. But, before that, you should understand the Aeromexico Cancellation Policy & Fee, which will aid in getting a refund amount without penalty & deductions.

What is Aeromexico Cancellation Policy?

  • According to Aeromexico Cancellation Policy at I8OO,364,94O5, the passengers are allowed to cancel their reservations within 24 hours of purchase to get a full refund without any deductions.
  • As per policy rules, cancellation is only applicable for those passengers who are booked tickets via the Aeromexico airline website or reservation center.
  • The cancellation will be dependent on the fare type, class, or route.
  • For the cancellation, the customers are compulsory to submit a refund request form for claiming a refund.
  • If the passengers cancel their reservations after 24 hours of purchase is compulsory to go to the “manage booking” option or requirement to contact the airline reservation center.
  • The Aeromexico Cancellation Policy & Fee states the airline will not force any change fee if the traveler is rescheduling their tickets within 24 hours of reservation. For the full refund, the traveler has to cancel the ticket within the defined time. And refund amount will be given to the travelers in the original mode of payment.
  • Besides, the refund payment will be served within 8-20 business days or more depending on the airline and the original mode of payment.

How to Cancel Aeromexico Airlines Flight Ticket?

  1. First, go to the Aeromexico website.
  2. On its homepage, click on the “Trip” tab at the top.
  3. Next, you will view two options, “for retrieving airlines reservation” and “log in to Aeromexico”.
  4. Then select “retrieving booking” via e-ticket, then you will need to fill in details such as "Reservation or "e-ticket number”, and “surname”.
  5. Then hit on the “Search Reservation” button.
  6. Next, you will forward to the Aeromexico “manage booking” page, where you will see many options.
  7. Choose the “cancel a flight” option.
  8. Follow the online instructions and continue to cancel your Aeromexico reservations process.
  9. Finally, you will get a confirmation message to cancel your reservation by text or email.

Aeromexico 24-hour cancellation policy

Here we bring you some delectable information on the Aeromexico cancellation policy for your assistance:

  • I8OO,364,9405 No cancellation fees will be charged from you if you book the flight one week prior to the departure or cancel the flight on the booking date itself.
  • After the expiry of 24 hours from the booking time, non-refundable ticket holders are not eligible for any refund.
  • In order to receive the full refund amount, you need to cancel your booking within the 24-hour time frame.
  • Basic fare, Classic fare, AM+ Fare and Comfort fare ticket holders are not eligible to get the refund if they cancel their booking after the expiry of 24 hours window.
  • It is highly recommended that any changes in the reservation must be done within 24 hours from the booking as by doing so you can evade a substantial amount of charges.

Aeromexico Cancellation Policy for Bad Weather Conditions

At times during the departure of the flight, it may happen that there could be bad weather conditions as a result of which the flight may have to get canceled. If that is so then there is a separate set of policies that comes into play with regards to the Aeromexico cancellation policy. We will help and guide you with regard to the same. All you need to do is follow the instructions with regards to the same and get a comprehensive guide for the same without any hassles or second thought.

  • In bad weather conditions, passengers can book an alternative flight without having to pay anything extra.
  • In such cases, passengers can also ask for a complete refund and there wouldn’t’ be deductions made in such cases.
  • Passengers also have the option to board the next available flight in case the weather conditions get better without paying anything and also get an upgrade option on the same.

Aeromexico Cancellation Policy In Case Of Death Or Illness

  • In some circumstances, there are special rules and regulations work, and Death or illness is one of the parts where passengers need to follow some rules and they can get a full refund amount after the cancellation of the booking.
  • According to the Aeromexico Cancellation Policy, if any passenger is suffering any serious illness or injury then, he/she cancels their flight actual departure time of the flight then, he/she will be eligible for a full refund without any cancellation charges but passengers need to submit the document to the concerned authority.
  • For any relative death or causality, passenger can cancel their flight anytime or before departure and claim a full refund amount without any cancellation fee but passengers need to submit a refund request application along with an important document on the official website of the Aeromexico airlines or connect with travel helpdesk.

What happens if Aeromexico cancels a flight?

However, if it happens, Aeromexico cancels a flight, due to any unavoidable situation. Then airline offers eternal benefits to the passengers, as they can receive up to 600€ from Aeromexico in reimbursement for the delayed and canceled flight, as per EC 261. Also, offer to travelers a full refund, if the flight is canceled, irrespective of the reason. Furthermore, the airline offers a rebook option for the next available flight.

How often does Aeromexico cancel flights?

If in any case, it does happen Aeromexico cancels flights, then the airline is required to let the travelers know at least 14 days previous to the departure. If the Airline failed to inform for the cancellation, then the passenger may be enabled to compensation under EC261. Hence, the price will vary based on several criteria, including the length of the delay, reach the destination, or cancellation condition.

Aeromexico Cancellation Fees

The refund amount is not fixed for every canceled flight and as per the Aeromexico refund policy, the refund amount will vary the distance, departure date, duration, class, or other major factors. Just, see the below-given refund fee structure as per the class-wise. So, just follow the Aeromexico Refund fees table.

  • Basic Fare Ticket: Non-Refundable
  • Class Fare Ticket: Non-Refundable
  • AM+ Fare Ticket: Non- Refundable
  • Comfort Fare Ticket: Non- Refundable
  • Flexible Fare Ticket: Refundable
  • Premier Fare Ticket: Refundable
Aeromexico Fare Family Basic Fare Classic Fare AM Value Fare Flexible Fare Premium Fare
Aeromexico 24-hour cancellation policy No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
Aeromexico cancel flight request beyond 24 hours Not Permitted Not Permitted $200 USD $200 USD No Charge
Within 24-hour of flight departure Not Permitted Not Permitted Not Permitted $200 USD No Charge

Moreover, If the traveler cancels their booking within 24 hours of the departure then, the cancellation charges will also be applicable.

How to much refund amount will get you from Aeromexico flight Cancellation?

  • To get the complete refund, the passenger’s flight ticket must be refundable and he/she has successfully canceled their booking from the official website of Aeromexico or its application or authorized reservation center.
  • The refund amount will transfer within 10 to 15 working days, or it will depend on the payment mode.
  • If the flight ticket has been canceled by the travel agent then the refund will transfer 20 or more business days.
  • As per the Aeromexico refund policy, the refund will credit to the original payment or the same bank account number which was used for the booking.

What is the Aeromexico canceled flight compensation in case of delayed flights?

At times your flight may have got delayed and you may be looking for the guidelines of Aeromexico canceled flight compensation. We will offer you a complete guide with regards to Aeromexico's canceled flight status. Simply follow the structure or timelines as mentioned in this tutorial to get a quick update on the same.

  • In case of delayed flights, passengers will get additional compensation in the form of a coupon or free lounge access.
  • In case Aeromexico cancels your flight then passengers can expect 100% of the refund amount and in case passengers do not want the same then they can book the next available flight with an upgrade option.
  • For any other information, passengers can also use the support service and get immediate assistance to resolve the same in one go without any hassles.

Aeromexico Cancellation Policy & Cancel Flight Frequently Asked Questions

Basic fare, classic fare, AM+ FARE, and Comfort fare are non-refundable but Flexible fare and Premier fare can be canceled with zero cancellation charges.

  1. Go to the official website of Aeromexico airlines
  2. Enter the required credentials to finish your login process.
  3. Submit your reservation code along with your name or passenger name.
  4. Pick your ticket and go to the cancellation reason tab
  5. Mention the reason to cancel the Aeromexico flight in the reason section
  6. Submit the required evidence and finish the refund process.

Save your request number for the future.

Except for the original are classic fare, where passengers are not entitled to a return or travel loan, Aeromexico cancellation will apply to all fares.

The $200 Aeromexico flight will be cancelled 24 hours after the reservation is made. You may be eligible for an Aeromexico ticket cancellation or a loan voucher, depending on the fare used to book your flight. From the date of cancellation, your credit card is valid for 365 days.

It depends on how you pay. If you made a reservation using your debit or credit card, the refund should appear in your account within seven business days. For any other payment option, you can expect a refund within 20 business days.

Any change in the schedule that is made directly by the airline shall inform the passengers of their respective contact information provided by the passengers. If you order through an agency, the agency will tell you the same.

Passengers have up to 24 hours from the date of purchase to cancel or change their booking without canceling Aeromexico. The date of departure must be at least 7 days or more at the time of filing the cancellation application.

Aeromexico allows its customers to cancel non-refundable tickets and get a full refund without the cancellation fee penalty as long as the customer has booked the flight 7 days prior to the flight You can cancel it within 24 hours of booking.

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